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Zayn and Justin Bieber

Last Updated: December 24th (most recently added will have two *’s next to it)

Blow Your mind - lookingatstars

Zayn’s band doesn’t win a VMA.

Boyfriend - shipfiction

Zayn and Justin are in the same place at the same time, and Justin is feeling a bit nervous before a show. Zayn helps him out.

People Like Us - robpatFF

Zayn watches him, fists held up under his chin. “You should come meet us,” he says finally. “Might be good for you, and, like, Niall will get a kick out of it.”

“Flying off to Vienna is hardly ‘keeping my head down’,” Justin says. “S’posed to be keeping a low profile or something, I think.”

Or alternatively, Justin Bieber becomes One Direction’s groupie for a few days.

**The Archangel Throne - TheHolyGrail (Zayn/Niall)

Five Archangels from heaven have occupied their human form on a mission. Human form becomes a distraction. (angel!sex, superhuman, blowjob)

**Chalet du Bieber - TheHolyGrail

It’s a gay story involving Justin Bieber and hot guy sex.

**Spanking Justin Bieber - TheHolyGrail

Justin Bieber is a little brat and Zayn Malik has to keep him in line. (spanking, punishment, fingering  blowjob)