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Untitled -zaynmaylikme (Zayn/Harry/Liam)

“What’s your fantasy?” Liam asked sensually, his mouth dangerously close to Harry’s penis. His thoughts jumped to a certain boy that had entered his dreams lately. He recalled his most recent dream which involved Zayn, Liam and himself in an erotic position. He’d woken up panting and desperate for Liam’s touch.

Triangular Circles and No Straight Lines - nostravario (Harry/Liam/Zayn) (lj)

Zayn wants to have a threesome. Liam blushes a lot. Harry is delighted.

Of Shy Boys and Wanting -nostravario (Harry/Liam/Zayn) (lj)

Harry wants, and sometimes he thinks Louis does, too.

Wanna Work For Me -lucky-starlinson (Zayn/Harry/Liam)

When Harry’s mom offered Liam and Zayn jobs such as mowing the lawn and painting the walls, Harry had a naughty idea for the two boys in order for them to get extra money.

Drunk -theaeolist (Zayn/Harry/Liam) (ao3)

Things get crazy when Harry starts drinking.

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