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Niall and Liam Smut

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Prompt -felicitygoodall1d

It’s Niall’s birthday and they’ve been on a plane for a long time so Niall and Liam sneak off to join the mile high club. (Airplane!sex)

Punishment Part1 Part2 -niams-sexiness

Niall is caught flirting with some girls so Liam has to punish him.

Polo Love -falling-stars-and-lights

Liam tries on Niall’s polo while Niall is away but what happens when Niall gets home and Liam can’t get the polo off?

Unexpected -rorycroft

When Louis and Harry come out, Niall is consumed with jealously. He wants what they have, but he fears he’ll never have it. He begins to hate himself, sending him into a downward spiral that lands him in the hospital. All he wants is for someone to love him.

Last Night -rorycroft

When Liam wakes up, naked, with Niall laying on top of him, he is beyond confused. He flees the scene, seeking Louis out for advice. With Louis’ help, Liam is able to realize the feelings he had been suppressing. He can only hope Niall feels the same way.

Skype -rorycroft

Liam and Niall are separated when the boys go home for a short vacation. They’re having a hard time being away from each other, so they decide to Skype.

By Choice -rorycroft

So I’m sure by now everyone has seen the picture of those two horrible girls at the airport with Liam. It broke my heart, so I can only imagine how Liam and Niall felt. Actually, I did imagine how they felt. And I wrote a story about it.

Ride Of A Life Time -niam4ziam

Niall and Liam are both horny and being stuck on a long flight isn’t helping. (airplane!sex)

Untitled -niallispretty

Liam watches Niall masturbate.

Suits Were Made For Fucking -niallswanker

Niall likes Liam in suits. Niall also likes Liam in nothing. Liam steals Niall’s tie after a fun romp in a broom cupboard and holds it for the rest of the evening like a trophy.

Touch Me Softly -lourry-love

It seems that the more famous the boys are, the more claustrophobic Niall gets when it comes to the constant hoards of fans that surround them. After an especially brutal encounter, Niall begins having a panic attack. And it’s Liam’s job to make him feel better.

Waking Up Together -nakedirish

Niall chuckled, albeit a little too loudly, as he lay beside his sleeping boyfriend on their bed; cell-phone in hand with the picture of Liam he’d just taken displayed on the screen, mouth open slightly and a trail of saliva dribbling from the corner.

Untitled -nakedirish

Liam wonders what his cum tastes like and Niall’s more than happy to tell him.

Untitled -nakedirish

Dominant!Liam and rough sex.

Untitled -nakedirish

Liam caught Niall unaware by sinking his teeth into the blonde’s neck, exciting a gasp that was soon followed by a moan of mixed pain and pleasure. “Va-vampire,” He muttered as his hands linked themselves round Liam’s neck. 

Fun With Food -felicitygoodall1d

Niall and Liam eat food off of each other.

Clothespins and Crosses -lazanalirry

I moaned and spread my legs as much as I could. Liam chuckled slightly. “Eager are we?” He asked…

Don’t Tease Me -0ne-d1rection-br0lovers


On Your Knees -stylinist

Liam is the shy, ‘closeted’ gay boy of his school, and Niall takes this to his advantage. 

Friend Is A Four Letter Word -monscandal (ao3)

Niall breaks his arm and can’t wank. He gets irritable, and the other boys notice. Liam, being Daddy Direction, helps him out.

Here Comes Your Man -monscandal (ao3)

Sleepy, cuddly, lazy, slow, deep morning sex.

Fuck Buddies -horaann

Neither have had sex in a while and they figure that their friends, so they can help each other out.

I’m Ready -stylinist

Niall and Liam’s first time together.

The Car -niams-sexiness

Car!sex with Niall on top.

Impress Me -niams-sexiness

Liam and Niall hook up at a party.

So Much More Fun Than Studying -niams-sexiness

Best friends Niall and Liam study together.

Wedding -niams-sexiness

They get married and have sex on their wedding night.

After The Concert -niams-sexiness

After the concert Liam is pumped up and horny as hell so when they go back to the hotel room he has his way with Niall.

Addicted To Your Skills -niams-sexiness

Management is concerned about ‘Larry’ being to obvious in public so to keep ‘Niam’ hidden the boys aren’t allowed to go to the party.

Phonesex -niams-sexiness

Liam is on vacation in England but his boyfriend Niall is still in Ireland. He’s struggling after a couple of hours of separation so how is he going to survive two weeks?

Day 90 -niallispretty

Food porn, smut, a really naughty Niall, a really horny Liam, getting down and dirty in Nando’s bathroom. (bathroom!sex)

Too Close -thepolaropposites

After they swapped clothes on the up all night tour management decides to do a photoshoot of them all in each others clothes.

Elevator -niams-sexiness

Niall and Liam get stuck in an elevator together.

Navigate Me - kryptonarry (ao3)

Sequel to Like We Used To, Niall and Liam hook up.

Out In Public (Part1 Part2) -loulightupmyworld

Liam and Niall go shopping in London. Every time Niall finds something he likes, Liam insists that he try it on and show Liam how it fits. While adjusting one of Niall’s outfits for him, the contact becomes too much for Liam, so he decides to take Niall into the changing room for a little surprise.

Quickie -shipfiction

Niall and Liam have a quickie when they get to the venue.

Sexy Strips & Carry Out -nialljustgotwet

Strip tease.

Mine -freakyhoran

Drunk!Niall and Slightly Jealous/Possessive!Liam.

Same Mistakes -z-yum

Their hand would roam further, touching other body parts, and the tension between them would be strong enough for the world to see. Strong enough for their bandmates to see. Strong enough for Liam’s real partner to see. 

Too Hot To Handle (Part1 Part2) -niams-sexiness

Niall and Liam slept together regularly but for some reason this time Liam can’t control himself.

Meet Me In The Dark -felicitygoodall1d

So like, Niall and Liam are at rehearsals or something and Niall is teasing Liam and Liam gets really horny and says to Niall, “meet me in the alley outside the back door in 5 minutes.” and they go and have sex in the alley.

Longer -rorycroft

Niall made Liam happier than anything or anyone in the world. Just thinking of the Irish lad made his stomach twist into knots. The room around him was still and cold; the only source of warmth came from the tears silently sliding down his cheeks. He knew this was his fault. He shouldn’t have been in such a rush. He was so insistent, and…it was entirely his fault.

Sing Us To Sleep -rorycroft

With the birth of their first child approaching, Niall starts to get scared. Liam reassures him that he is going to be a great father. (NOT MPREG)

All Sexed Out -felicitygoodall1d

Niam escalating to the point were dominant Liam fucks Niall literally senseless to where he is just unable to move are make words.

Untitled -felicitygoodall1d

Niall is abused by Liam. (non!con)

Happy Birthday -niams-sexiness

It’s Liam birthday and Niall has a very special present for him.

Do You Believe In Fate? -innocenteyesfilledwithfilthylust

Do you believe in fate? That every action you take happens for a reason? Well, Liam didn’t. So why then, did fate just happen to walk this adorable, blond, Irish boy into his life?

Niall’s Birthday Sex -loveroflarry

It’s Niall’s birthday and Liam wants to give him an extra present after their day out.

Rest Room Play -they’remyhomos

Niam bathroom sex.

Jealousy -0ne-d1rection-br0lovers

Niall does something bad or considered naughty with denial of climax. Make sure Niall knows he’s Liam’s.

Love Me -niams-sexiness

It’s Niall’s birthday and Liam gives him a guitar.

Secret -zaynstmas

Even though Liam is married with kids, he has a secret apartment where he meets up with Niall.

Game Of Sheets And Showers -niall-is-mother-natures-gift

The boys are exhausted after a long show but Niall is pumped with adrenaline.

We’re Not Gay -1dsexualfrustrations

A long, explicit, rough Niam one shot.

Foxes Mate For Life -niallersaur

Liam runs into his one night stand.

But… Harry Knows! -zianourrycuddles

Niall is stressed about being gay and he tells about it to Liam.

In An Interview -zianourrycuddles

 Liam gets a handjob during an interview.

Chocolate Eyes And A Smirk -Haylee

Niall and Harry are the adoptive parents of Liam and when Harry goes away for a few days Niall is lonely and jerks off, which is fine until he realises that Liam is watching.

A Red Polo -5reasonswewrite

Liam sleeps over at Niall’s one day and then runs out of clean clothes the next morning so he just grabs one of Niall’s many many polos and puts it on. Niall’s never seen Liam in a polo shirt before and he doesn’t know why but it just DOES stuff to him.

Take the Pleasure, Take the Pain -thilia (ao3)

Niall likes pain. Liam wants to fulfil his fantasy.

All My Favourite Colors -malik-and-the-diamonds 

Liam fucks Niall with a dildo. (toys)

Niam One-shot -onesmut

Niall and Liam are good friends.

Licking Lips -fuckmeniall (LiveJournal)

I swear to Jesus if Liam licks his lips one more time I am pulling him off stage and taking him right there. I watched as my boyfriend finished off our concert and we all waved to the crowd. I used my guitar to hide the problem that was in my pants but it was all Liam’s fault.

The Interview -anonniall

Liam teases Niall during an interview.

I Like You When You’re Drunk -1dsexuallfanfiction

Niall was drinking and slipped Liam something and they ended up having hot sex in a Jacuzzi.

Untitled -tomlinswell

It’s as if Liam wanted to piss Niall off on purpose.

Phone Sex -oeuvreofablackswan

Niall is back in Mullingar for a few days and Liam misses him so they have phonesex.

Cock Tease -sakabelle

Even though they’d been back in London for days, they’d hardly had any spare time. It was beginning to become a problem for poor Liam.

Trick Or Treat -niamdox

“Commonnnnnnn Leeyummmmm. It’ll be funnnnn.” Niall whined. He’d been trying to convince Liam to go trick-or-treating with him for the past hour, and so far hadn’t had any luck. 

Untitled -larryisasrealasyouandme

Niam sexy time where Li and Ni sneak off of after an interveiw and Liam shows Niall just how sexy he looked and what he gets for “flirting” with Lou.

Punishment -dirty-1d

“You’ve been bad,” Liam threw Niall onto the bed and pinned down his arms. “You’ve been a very bad boy, Niall.”

Untitled -larryisasrealasyouandme

Liam has been bad and Niall punishes him.

Untitled -larryisasrealasyouandme

They are drunk and its their first time.

Daddy Dearest -theziallstyle

When Niall tried to think back on it, he didn’t really know when it started. Maybe it was because he always teased Liam about being ‘Daddy Direction’. Or maybe it was because Liam did everything he could to take care of Niall, treating him like a kid. 

Little Things -forevernoshandniam

Niall becomes incredibly insecure and Liam helps him realize how perfect he really is.

Hidden -forevernoshandniam

Liam’s been acting different; hiding something. Niall wants to know what It is, and finally does.

Tease -forevernoshandniam

Niall is a tease and Liam gets really worked up. Niall finally gives in and helps him.

Oh, It’s What You Do To Me -forevernoshandniam

Liam is turned on by Larry and Niall notices.

Out Of Time -onedirectionspimp

It’s not that Niall was completely obvious about his affection for Liam, quite the opposite in fact. When he told his friends, save Liam, they were all completely surprised to find that Niall even thought of their other mate like that, let alone turned out to be gay.

Untitled -butonedirectiontho

Underage student!teacher Niam.

Determination -h0ranwithhazza

Niall just wants Liam and his first time to be special. But everyone keeps ruining his plans. Now he’s determined. And everyone knows Niall Horan gets exactly what he wants.

I’m Old Enough -niams-sexiness

Niall is four years younger than Liam and they’re friends but Niall wants something more.

Niam Sex -1d-sexxx-imagines

Danielle breaks up with Liam and he’s convinced he’s done with girls.

Wanted The D -louissassandass

Niall and Liam have done nothing but fight for the past two months because Niall can’t admit his feelings for the other boy and every time he thinks about it he get’s angry.

Daddy! Part1 Part2 -steptowardsthelight

Liam was the ‘nice guy’, the kind you can depend on, and Niall was the irresponsible 13 year old that lived nearby. Although he knew that his feelings were wrong and misguided, Liam can’t help but think about the minor in inappropriate ways.

Taking Your Innocence -steptowardsthelight

When you think of Liam Payne you don’t think sex crazed bad boy with serious relationship issues do you? Niall Horan does.

Untitled -1d-sexxx-imagines

Just a small oneshot/drabble/imagine.

No One Compares -zianourrycuddles

Niam smut on the washing machine. 

Such A Tease -1dfanficrealness

Liam dominating Niall and using toys and teasing.

Summer Love -narryfrost

And both boys just wanted to pause time and stay in that moment forever because neither of them wanted to give up their Summer Love.

Friend Is A Four Letter Word -monscandal

Niall breaks his arm and can’t wank. He gets irritable, and the other boys notice. Liam, being Daddy Direction, helps him out.

Taking Your Innocence -steptowardsthelight

When you think of Liam Payne you don’t think sex crazed bad boy with serious relationship issues do you? Niall Horan does.

Here Comes Your Man -monscandal

Sleepy, cuddly, lazy, slow, deep morning sex.

One Hell Of A Wake Up -1dfanficrealness

Some daddy!kink, incest, grinding and riding. Woohoo!

Brotherly Love -1dfanficrealness

Liam and Niall are step brothers. (underage)

Virgins And Vodka -bookykat

It vaguely occurred to Niall that the 3 bottles of Liam’s vodka he had consumed earlier might have misled his judgement as he pushed the door open a bit more, and leaned against the door frame, eyes half closed in an alcohol induced haze, along with the pleasure that was wobbling on the edge of glory, and unzipped his pants.

No Escape From Reality -1dsosexy

Liam rolls his eyes and groans in defeat, he can never say no to Niall, he can’t bear to see him upset.

Late-Night Twister -kittenfiction

The One Direction boys like wasting time drinking and playing around.
Maybe it was /too/ late for Niall and Liam to play together.

Daddy Please -flaminglou

Niam daddy!kink with cumplay, dirty talk and rough sex.

Whiskey Antics -havecomputerwillship

Liam’s first time drinking since he found out he has his kidney and goes over board. They share a flat and Liam forces Niall into sex. (non!con)

Roadtrip -1dfanficrealness

Liam (33) and his nephew Niall (13) go on a roadtrip to Vegas, and they seize the opportunity to continue their incestuous relationship.

You’re Amazing -thewritingfrog

Liam wants to make Niall’s first time as amazing as he is.

So I Know It’s Real -ohlookonedirectionsmut

Some fluffy smut.*

HIAR -cautioncrazehlarry

I did things to impress Niall, even if it meant I was pissing off my father in the process, which happened often.

Gay Chicken Part1 Part2 -zianourrysmut

At Louis’s party Liam and Niall play gay chicken and neither is backing down.

Beautiful -proudpervs

When Niall awakened he could feel Liam buried inside him, moving languidly. He let out a surprised moan and then hissed. 

Accidents Happen -irishcreamcheshirecoffee

Niall accidentally hurts Liam during sex and Liam takes it out on him for a whole week. 

What Was Pleasure Without Sin? -proudpervs 

Liam bit his lip hard, and wishing, for once (or twice or three times), he could be Hulk. You know, so he could ripped off the bindings and fuck that fucking tease in front of him already. 

He was also sure he was going to hell for this but-oh well. What was pleasure without sin? 

Who Owns You, Liam? - fuckedniam

Liam loves it when Niall is dominant, so he decides to make Niall jealous. 

Tell Me It Was You -belieb-the-direction-u-mahone-in 

SMUT! -sorta- Niall is actually a bad boy and Liam in secretly a male stripper. A bit of Nirry at the beginning, enjoy 

The Auction -1dfanficrealness

Niall buys Liam as a sex slave but he falls for him and they end up having sweet, loving sex. 

Wet Dreams And Paper Balls -havecomputerwillship 

Liam is Niall’s bully, but in all reality he just wants his ass. 

Cotton Candy Kisses - Sakebella (ao3)

Niall, who is terrified of the Ferris wheel, decides that it’s now or never to tell Liam how he feels about him.

Watch The Stars As They Collide - unforgettablemagic (ao3)

“One, Liam and I are not fucking. Two, I am trying to help him get over Danielle. He’s been pretty emotional during this whole break up/cheating fiasco, and I’m just trying to make sure he’s okay.” Niall huffs. Harry gets a thoughtful look on his face. “Because you’re in love with him.”And Niall turns bright red once more and, “Wha-Huh?- No, Harry! I’m not in love with him.”

They Don’t Know About Us - Iddzzdi

“Hmm, you’re good at this.” Niall muttered against Liam’s lips and felt him smile into the kiss. “You’re not bad yourself.”

Glass Box - Homeforce

Niall and Liam have shower sex. There is emphasis on the glass box shower and feels. Soap is a substitute for lube.

I Just Can’t Help But Touch You - Kenzigrl22 (ao3)

Niall loves touching Liam and Liam can’t help but feel the same. 

I Just Want To Taste You - Kenzigrl22

Niall cannot wait until Liam and him are alone so he can suck his boyfriend off.

Bad Habits - niam-lilo-lirry-narry-love

 Niall had always had a bad habit of sticking his hands down his pants.

A Game of Sheets and Showers - humanwinter (ao3)

Niall is still pumped after performing, so he uses his adrenaline for playing video games with Liam and well, other things as well.

After All These Years - eversincefiveboys

Could you possible write a niam where Niall leaves one direction because he loves Liam and thinks Liam doesn’t love him, and becomes a successful actor. 2 years later when the band and Niall are on the same show (ex. Graham Norton?) and Liam confronts him about why he left then kisses Niall after the show ends? Please?”

The Unpractical Snapback - eversincefiveboys

 Niall and liam are kissing in the park and niall puts liams snapback on his own head while still kissing and fans catch them and start fangirling bonus for blushing niall.

Those Sleepless Nights - come-with-me-nialler

Liam Payne and Niall Horan experience one of those sleepless nights

Waking Up With No Voice - humanwinter (ao3)

No summary but basically Niall wakes up without a voice after having some fun with Liam.

Gluttony - Tita (ao3)

It’s Niam’s anniversary and interesting kinks arise.

Please Daddy - tomlinsuckthis

Niall’s been wanting Liam all week, but Liam’s been nothing but a tease. So Niall pulls out all his tricks, and when that doesn’t work he resorts to his final options. Using Liam’s kink against him. 

Daddy Make Me Scream - fuckedniam

"Prompt: Can you do a Niam daddy kink ? when asked about the role’s in the band Niall says that Liam is the daddy and Liam whispers in his ear ‘daddy will make you scream tonight’ thanks x" 

Snowstorm - leonpaladin (ao3)

Being stuck in a house all alone with no internet and TV during a snowstorm was one of the worst things Niall ever got stuck into. But when a friend returns to visit him after three long years, Niall forces himself not to rekindle his feelings for him…no matter how much he wanted him.

To Be Told - onceandfuturedirection (ao3)

Written for this kinkmeme prompt-
Niall is the last one in the dressing room after a concert gathering his things, and ends up accidentally getting locked in a closet, and starts panicking b/c there’s no lights and it feels like everything is closing in. Paul comes looking for him, and finds him pale/shaky, but Niall insists he’s fine and they get on the bus and head to the hotel.
That night Niall can’t sleep b/c he feels closed in everytime he closes his eyes, and then Liam wakes up worried b/c Niall is slightly hyperventilating, and Niall tells him what happened

Come with me, Nialler; Don’t Say Maybe - hidden_messages (ao3)

This was written after a lovely anon left a request on my tumblr for more kinky stuff - whips and chains I think were their specific words. It’s nothing too heavy, but it’s a complete AU set in Renaissance Italy during the reign of the infamous Borgia family. It’s definitely NSFW, but please,enjoy!

Wanted The D - LouisSassandAss (ao3)

“Well that’s silly,” he smirked. “Now look, all you’ve done is wasted our time.” Niall looked up confused but before he could speak, Liam pressed his lips to the younger boys. After a moment of shock, Niall sunk into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Liam’s torso.

Niam Smut -autumnkaylynnstylinson

Eh, Niam smut. Rimming (just a tad), Fingering, Dirty Talk, Riding, Yeah. 

I’d Do Anything -flaminglou

Liam just wants to please Niall, no matter what the request.

Ride Me Cowboy -flaminglou

Niall rides Liam’s monster dick.

Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Me - niamdox

Liam and Niall cannot keep their hands off each other, during concerts and all.

Worth It - magenta (ao3)

Niall can’t keep his mouth shut in bed. Liam hates it except for how he totally doesn’t.

Bound Together - Writing A Better Life (WABL) (ao3) (Alpha/Omega)

One morning Niall feels like being knotted.

The First Time - fuckedniam

Prompt: It is there first time and Niall is nervous and stuff and Liam is like really sweet

The New Mirror - fuckedniam

Prompt:Could you do a niam smut where liam buys a new mirror and when niall comes home he uses it to make niall watch liam have sex with him?

Quit Teasing - fuckedniam

Prompt: Can you write one where Liam and Niall are already dating and Liam’s teasing Niall and they snog then they’re about to go all the way when Zayn walks in on them 

Back in the States - dirty-1d

Niall gives Liam a handjob during an interview.

Sleep Niall - time-just-stopped

There’s a storm outside and Niall is afraid of the Thunder and goes to Liam’s room and climbs in his bed they lie there for a while and then they start to kiss and have sex.

I’ll Take Care Of You - time-just-stopped

It’s Niall first time and Liam wants to make it special. 

My Heart’s Jumpin’ - no-im-just-a-directioner

There’s a Thunderstorm and Niall is afraid so he goes to Liam’s room and Liam tells him to get in his bed and Liam comforts him and shush him and aww they start kissing and end up with having sex

Have I Done Wrong - niallf-cknwhoran

“Liam!” the voice shouted into his ear, “I found you!”

Delicious - onedirectionslashstories

It’s no secret that I love food. I love Nando’s, I love sweet things and I love basically anything else that can be considered edible, other than vegemite which isn’t very nice.  However there is something I love which is very secret, Liam.

Niall’s Dirty Secret - onedirectioslashstories

Orgh, I know it’s so wrong, but it feels so good. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been looking at Liam as more than a friend and I really need some form of relief

Sound Effects and Overdramatics - ballsdeepinharry

Liam has a problem… Niall just looks too good to resist. (non!con)

A Million Jars Of Nutella - serendipitee

Liam knows it’s going to be a long night.

Waking Up With No Voice - humanwinter

Niall tweeted about losing his voice and I think we all know how that happened…

Gay Chicken - Lovinglarry

For Louis’ 21 the lads decide to dare Liam and Niall to play a little game of game of gay chicken. It leads to a lot more than what they all expected.

Detention - hiddenoptimist

Professor Liam Payne has had enough of his sleepy student, Niall Horan. He decides he’s going to punish Niall in a way he won’t forget. (student!teacher)

Imagine Living Like A King Someday - steptowardsthelight

Prince Liam is extremely picky and has a taste for all things fine, so imagine his parents surprise when he demands that a common boy be brought to the castle for him to marry. (prince!au, prince!liam, fingering, virgin!niall, bottom!niall, top!liam, under!age)

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy - felicitygoodall1d

Niall kept teasing Liam about being the Daddy Direction, but probably not the biggest in the lower regions. Liam got pissed and wanted to prove to Niall that he is the biggest and Niall ends up calling him daddy and they stick with it. (daddy!kink, dom!liam, sub!niall, blow!job, fingering, bottom!niall, top!liam, virgin!niall)

I’ve Got Bruises on My Knees For You - icaughtthesun

Niall never was able to say ‘no’ to the pretty boy with big eyes that liked to slap him.

Cock Tease - sakabelle

Having spent the past two weeks with a busy-as-hell schedule in the UK, Liam and Niall have little time to be alone with each other. To Niall, the entire thing is one big game.

That is, until Liam finally gets him alone in their hotel room.

Now - kayskull

After a long day at rehearsals, Niall and Liam try to make it back to their apartment. Is it too far to walk, or are they just really desperate?

I Won’t Let You Choke - littlegreyfilly (ao3)

In which Liam is a drunk and horny university lad, and Niall is along for the ride.

We Have A Bit Of Love Hate - 1d_killedeveryone

"You can’t just hid your feelings Niall! It doesn’t always work out"

"Watch me"

or the one where Niall bullies Liam and they hate each and it goes on from there. (fingering, oral, anal)

I’m Falling In Love - thedreamergirlavery

Not once had they had sex. Niall wanted to wait until they were married. So, after getting Niall’s mum’s permission, Liam was going to propose to Niall that very night. Not just for the sex, of course. He wanted to be Niall’s lover for the rest of time, to be his first, and to have Niall bear Liam’s children. (wet dream)

Meant To Be - brainstorm

Liam was this athletic, smart and reserved kind of guy.
Niall was this carefree, loud and friendly kind of guy.
Both of them were content with their lives until they met, then they knew something was missing. (fingering, anal, blowjob, fluff)

My Little Cowbow and My Big Bad Boy - 1DSmutFics

Liam was always known as the bad boy of the group to the boys, but to the fans he was sweet and innocent. Liam was always nice to the boys as long as they never picked on Niall. Niall with his cowboy hat and supras. He loved when Niall wore them one because he look incredibly adorable and two because he looked so fuckable and sexy and it really turned him on. (bottom!niall, top!liam, blowjob, handjob)

Can We Try One More Time? - brainstorm

“Liam, I’m not letting you go. Not now. Not ever. I changed once cause you made me a better person. I can do it again. I will do it again. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

Or the one where Niall and Liam have a fight and then get back together and have reconciliation sex. (blowjob, anal)

Cock Tease - climbing-the-walls

“Stressed,” the other boys called it when he shot an uncharacteristic glare in their direction.

“Stressed,” the other boys had said when he’d snapped at Louis for eating the last crepe at breakfast.

“Stressed,” the other boys had laughed when Liam had grumbled a string of obscenities when twitter froze on his phone.

Tonight Is The Night - 1dgaysmut

 Liam just completely overpowers Niall.

Bribe Me With Cake - larrystylingasms

Niall and Liam have a day off work and waste the time doing what they do best. (bottom!niall, top!liam)

Backstage Quickie - 50shadesoflirrystayne

Liam gasped, tilting his head back to give the blond boy more access to his neck as he choked out, “Niall… Fuck. Ni, w-we have a concert in less than 20 minutes..” Niall nodded, sucking a love bite onto Liam’s collarbone. (top!liam, bottom!niall)

Niall Tops - 1d-mini-fics

"Liam," Niall said, his gentle voice husky with desire. He took a step toward the bed and Liam leaned forward obligingly, raising his trembling hands to rest on Niall’s narrow hips. (drabble, top!niall, bottom!liam)

Attention Seeking - kinkyyziam (Liam/Niall)

Niall is 7 months pregnant with Liam’s baby, he’s feeling unappreciated, fat, unloved and wants nothing more than to “cuddle” with Liam. (mpreg, cum!play, daddy!kink, rough!sex, dirty!talk, bottom!niall, top!iam)

Little Red Riding Hoodie - havecomputerwillship (niall/liam)

Red Riding Hood!Niall meets Big Bad Wolf!Liam and takes a knot up the ass. (dub!con, bottom!niall, top!liam, knotting, bonding)

Better Than Revenge Part 1 Part 2 - signingoffwithstyles

It’s been two weeks since Liam had curled into his bunk after the show was over and they were all back in the tour bus, his laptop sitting comfortably against his knees and Louis at his side as they’d planned Liam’s carnal revenge.

The Plan (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5) - hugsziall

Liam rejects Niall for the first time since Niall made that list,and he isn’t really used to it. But things get worse when Niall gets back home after a concert.

These Little Things That Bind Us - dreamsofsaints

All of a sudden, there’s a voice at his ear. “How’re you doin’, mate?”
Liam jumps about a foot, but somehow manages to stay balanced on his barstool without spilling a drop of his drink. He needs to calm down if he wants to avoid attracting any attention from Malik and his cronies. Steeling himself, he squares his shoulders and turns to face the voice. And then he actually does spill his drink. All over the shirt of one Niall Horan.

Little Things - TimeIsTicking

The last thing that Niall wants is Liam to be unhappy, but with the brake up with Danielle that is proving to be difficult. The boys work together to get him to a happier state and away from all the negative things. While in the other reality, Even is still proving that hes still holding on with Andrew, but with Tony’s supervision he wants to make sure that he will move on. With the concert at Madison Square Garden things will get very interesting…

Liam’s Guide On How To Mend A Broken Heart - CatheRinRin

Liam Payne can tell there’s something off about the boys of One Direction. Zayn is more reserved than usual, as if something is bothering him. Harry is pushing himself away from everyone, especially Louis. Which is odd, because the two boys are usually inseparable. Louis’ hurt, and Liam is a little more than concerned when he discovers his relationship with Eleanor is far from what it seems. Even Liam himself isn’t well, having just broke up with his girlfriend.

And Niall, well, Liam’s really concerned about Niall. The blonde doesn’t seem nearly as cheerful. He misses seeing the carefree expression, hearing the addicting laugh and energetic, genuine voice of the Irish boy. He wants to help, really he does, but he doesn’t know how… And he tells himself it’s because he’s his friend, that’s all.

So Liam intends on fixing One Direction, and seeing his best mates happy again. And maybe, even himself.

Where You Are - sakabelle

Niall’s always been one to keep it all together and hold it all inside. Piece by piece, his world begins to crumble. Afraid and alone, he spends his time in a mix of substance abuse and one-night stands.

Unbeknownst to him, Liam’s scared too. Scared because the one person he loves most in the world is spiraling out of control, and he fears he won’t be able to save him until it’s too late.

Lovedrunk - juddy

Liam is the university slut and Harry’s brother. Harry’s the shy guy who meet Zayn thanks to Liam’s sex life. Meanwhile, Niall is Liam’s fucking buddy and Louis will never get laid.

Twisted - Colordrained

Niall has a serious problem, and Liam is the person who takes and turns it around. Who knew it would ever turn Into something else.

Or the one where Niall is a sex addict an Liam helps him recover, and then they just might fall in love oh 

Secrets - LoveLikeWOEx33

Niall’s pretty. There’s no denying it. Baby blue eyes framed by thick lashes, full pouty lips, porcelain skin, often flushed with a light pink. Yeah, Liam might have a slight attraction to him. But he was like a brother – besides, how could he ever try to be with someone who looked like an angel and that was his best friend? Two Boys. Liam&Niall fighting for there love to remain but all comes with its effects, the boys have to fight for what and who they love or will they crash and burn, and for it to simply be nothing at all. Their struggle to keep their love alive may conclude in violence or even for it to simply be a memory, will both of the boys make it though their secret love affair or is it just a silly little game…?

It Just Takes Four - HomoOfTheNarry

Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles are kidnapped. That’s all they know. They are taken away from all means on communication and the only thing they have to rely on is themselves. They are tortured, beaten, and bossed about but they manage to survive each time, only barely. And what happens when somebody starts to have feelings for one an other? How can they cope in seeing the other person getting hurt?

Behind The Scenes - HomoOfTheNarry

Liam Payne is a young Biology teacher, just finished college and starts to teach a young eighteen year old called Niall Horan. Soon, he starts to realize that Niall gets bullied. Niall tries everything in his will to stay the person he is, but Liam sees. Liam sees how much he’s hurting and does what he can to help the younger boy.

Step Brothers With Benefits - 1Directi0nInfecti0n

Liam Payne is a shy boy who’s mother has just gotten remarried. His new stepbrother is arrogant, cocky and a jerk. He’s also the boy that Liam banged in a club. Awkward.

As Friendship Goes (resentment grows) by ZapZialler

Liam is a muggle-born Ravenclaw who has the misfortune of falling in love with a Slytherin with celestial blue eyes and an angelic smile.

(Hogwarts AU, fingering, blowjob, first!time, bottom!Liam, top!Niall)

Boarding school boners - bradford (Liam/Niall)

Liam had spent most of his life at an all boys boarding school, and was constantly surrounded by other guys who were at the peak of their physical fitness. Which was frustrating for a closeted gay like Liam, because he was always having to worry about giving himself away. He thought he was all on his own, but oh how wrong he was. (gaping, rimming, fisting, underage)

**Perfect by frickshealy

Niall is an art student. Every morning he goes to the park by his house and does homework or draws. Though lately he’s had a guy to watch as motivation.

**Kamasutra - ReviewerX (Liam/Niall)

Niall and Liam just got married and this is Niall’s first time. Wanted to go further but it wouldn’t have seemed right considering this was Niall’s first time. (Alpha!Liam, bottom!Niall, innocent!Niall)

**Does it make you feel alive? - tied_up_like_two_ships

Niall is dominated by Liam (top!liam, bottom!niall, aftercare)

**Chance is the only game I play with - tisktisk

Harry and Liam are bored uni roommates but instead of going to a party like normal people they decide to troll Omegle. (online!sex, masturbation)

**I Love You Lots Like Jelly Tots - niamsclifford

"Why are you laughing? What am I meant to do now, you’ve given me an erection. And you giving me that look isn’t helping, and now I can’t stop staring at your arms in that shirt." Liam whined again, his lower lip pouting that much more.

Niall let out a laugh, trying to be quiet so the professor wouldn’t see. “I’m sorry Li, it’s just your face is so cute right now. If you don’t put that lip away I’ll bite it off.” Niall teased, chuckling at his boyfriend again…

"You’re walking directly in front of me once we get out, which is any second now."

"Come on pointy, let’s go to our room." Niall giggled, standing directly in front of Liam. Liam wrapped his arms around Niall’s torso from behind, making look like an affectionate action rather than Liam hiding a massive erection.

**Love At First Shot - niamcrush

Liam Payne is the newest object of teenage girl obsession. Pictures of him are prime money these days, and Niall Horan lands himself a job right out of college. Stalk Liam Payne and get the best photographs possible of him. Easy enough right? (famous!au, famous!liam)

**See Me Clearer - GleekPlusDirectioner

Niall loves his boyfriend with everything. He honestly can’t see how his difference is considered a disability, and is quite happy to prove how amazing Liam is to anyone who thinks there’s a problem. (bottom!niall, top!liam)

**Wake up!! - SoliDirectioner

Liam and niall were flatmates. Both are 20. Niall is bisexual while Liam was straight. Keyword WAS. (blowjob)