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fics with more than two people, or with more than one pairing

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So Lucky On Me - bealous (livejournal) (Niall/Liam/Zayn) 

When Niall and Zayn realize they both want Liam they decide to team up to seduce him. (voyeurism, hand!job, blow!job, masturbation, cum!shot)

Lessons Learned (Part 1Part 2Part 3) - larrystylinsonislove (Louis/Harry/Zayn)

Zayn keeps fondling Harry and Louis is not impressed (at least that’s what he let’s Zayn think) (dom!louis, blow!job, spanking, bottom!zayn, top!harry, masturbation, etc.)

Untitled - felicitygoodall1d (Louis/Harry/Niall)

Louis starts to get really jealous of Harry hanging out with Niall and getting a bit too friendly with each other, and he ‘punishes’ them later on. (punishment, dom!louis, blow!job, bdsm, bondage, bottom!niall, top!harry, masturbation, double!penetration, top!louis, orgasm!denial)

Threesome - marmarstylinson (Harry/Zayn/Niall)

Zayn and Harry are the most popular guys at school (and therefore bitches). They’re not friends but have sex together quite frequently as a fucked up way of showing each other respect. Niall - a mutual friend - finds out. (highschool!au, toys, dub!con, blow!job, butt!plug, fingering, teasing, dom!zayn, bottom!harry, top!zayn, caught!kink, masturbation, voyeurism, deep!throating, straight!niall, 69, bottom!niall, top!zayn, bottom!harry)

Niam and Larry Fucking In The Kitchen -felicitygoodall1d (Niam/Larry)

Niam and Larry do it in the same room (it’s the kitchen).

Ziall Or Niam? Part 2-felicitygoodall1d (Ziall/Niam)

Zayn and Liam are getting to tell Niall that they love him, and they tell him, and Niall is forced to make a decision.

Restart The Heart You Gave Me -crucios (LiLo/Ziall) (ao3)

“I—” Louis starts, stopping himself abruptly and taking an extended pause before rushing out “I miss you” so fast that Liam almost, almost doesn’t catch it. He hears Louis’ sharp intake of breath on the other end and thinks that maybe Louis is just as surprised by his admission as he is. Okay. (Chaptered fic)

Rules And Rulers -lazanalirry (Liam/Niall/Harry)

Prof. Payne has quite frankly had enough of the two boys behaviour, wouldn’t those brats ever stop acting up?! (student!teacher, BDSM relationship)

Late Night Delights -lazanalirry (Zayn/Niall/Harry)

Niall was only meant to come back with them to crash on the couch after a drunken night out. It ended up becoming so much more. (BDSM relationship)

Have Yourself A Rainbow -suchthingbutnever (Ziam/Larry)

Louis and Liam are openly gay and Harry and Zayn are… Well not.

Sex Gurus -writinginonedirection (Louis/Harry/Liam)

Liam opened the door slowly, unaware of the scene he’d find. Harry was sitting up, covering half his body with the sheets and Louis was lying down next to the green eyed lad, facing the ceiling. Liam stood there not really knowing how to react.

Joking Around -stylinist (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

Harry gets a text saying something very surprising, and goes against what is sensible to find out if it’s…legit. 

Out On The Town - kryptonarry (ao3) (Niall/Zayn/Liam)

Niall is lonely and homesick on St. Patrick’s Day, Zayn and Liam take it upon themselves to cheer him up. (public!sex, angst, blow!job)

Three’s Company -shipfiction (Harry/Louis/Liam)

Louis and Harry have sex and Liam watches.

Untitled -felicitygoodall1d (Zayn/Niall/Liam)

Zayn goes over to Liam’s, things get “heated” but Niall walks in, asks to join, and things carry on… (cumplay)

All You Need Is Love -mcflyand1dfics (Zayn/Harry/Niall)

Harry and Zayn’s relationship isn’t often smooth running but when they both set eyes on Niall, they’re determined if they work together they can seduce the straight boy.

Glad You Came -z-yum (Zayn/Harry/Liam)

As far as Liam is concerned, this torture has been going on since the dawn of time and he can’t seem to wrap his head around the reason why, nor have they ever given him an inkling of there being a reason at all.

Such A Flirt -shipfiction (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

“Call him.” Zayn repeated, slower this time. “I want to fuck you in front of him.” Louis stared at Zayn for a moment, deciding that yes, he was serious, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone.

Weakness -rorycroft (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

While in search of headphones, Harry stumbles across Louis and Zayn’s sex tape. He thought he could get away with taking it, but Louis catches him and punishes him for his transgression.

Stuck -rorycroft (Liam/Zayn/Niall)

After an exhausting show, Niall’s worst fear is realized when his elevator stops between floors. He turns to his boyfriend, Liam, to distract him, but there’s one small problem: Zayn’s in there with them.

1-2-3 -sultanzayn (Liam/Zayn/Harry)

 Liam and Harry both are interested in Zayn, so they come up with a little competition. The contest: whoever’s name Zayn screams out first in a threesome gets to ask him out.

After After-Show Party -liam-stole-zayns-lollipop (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

After the Brit Awards after-party the boys are a bit drunk…

We Want You -insane-4-1d (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Zayn and Harry want Zayn and they’re not exactly being subtle about it.

Here To Make You Feel Better -insane-4-1d (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

After Harry makes a mistake in his solo onstage he gets a lot of abusive tweets and Zayn and Louis try to make him feel better.

Join Us Lou -5reasonswewrite (Zayn/Louis/Harry) 

Louis did not expect the sight he got as he walked in Harry’s room. He for sure did NOT expect Harry and Zayn on the bed, naked.

Trio -lourrylarrylourry (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

On stage the next night, Harry was still jealous as he watched Louis all over Zayn for the second night in a row. 

No ‘I’ In Threesome -zourrifying (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

They’re supposed to wait until they’re all together, it’s the rules. But Louis’s not one for following rules.

Let’s Give Him A Show -stylinsonmoans (Larry/Ziall)

Louis and Harry have reunion sex, Niall listens in and gets off to it. Zayn blows him.

In The Closet -innocenteyesfilledwithfilthylust (Niall/Liam/Louis)

 Niall and Liam try to fuck in a closet during their break and then they hear a laugh from outside and Louis’s offering to join in.

It Just… Fits -innocenteyesfilledwithfilthylust (Niall/Liam/Zayn)

Niall teases an incredibly horny Liam, and things get heated before they realise Zayn is watching. (Double!penetration)

Up All Night -chentalyne (Zayn/Niall/Louis) (LiveJournal)

Niall and Zayn wake Louis up. (over!stimulation)

Falling In Love -bringingwordstolife (Niall/Louis/Harry)

Harry and Louis were finally a couple, but they were distracted, inexplicably drawn to Niall, who just wanted them to include them. But it takes a tumble at Go-Karting for the three of them to realise the possibilities.

Three For Three -rorycroft (Niall/Louis/Harry)

Niall and Harry can’t get over how good Louis looked at the VMAs.

Selfish -rorycroft (Niall/Louis/Harry)

“Louis, it’s just been so long since Niall and I…” Harry said. “Please? Just tonight?” They stopped in the hall. Harry brushed his knuckles across Louis’s cheek and kissed him gently.

Watching Part1 Part2 Part3 -lourrylarrylourry (Louis/Harry and eventual Niall/Louis/Harry)

In which Niall secretly watches Larry having drunken sex. 

Unexpected Visitor, Unexpected Sight -britishsexual (Niall/Louis/Harry)

Harry likes going down on Louis when someone else is watching, and tonight Niall is sharing an hotel room with them.

Two Is Better Than One -shaggingtomlinson (Zayn/Harry/Louis)

A few weeks after Harry had double penetrated him with a dildo and his cock for the first, the two boys had found themselves doing it regularly. 
But Louis felt that something was missing. He wanted it to be more real, he wanted to replace the dildo with the real cock.

Untitled -zaynmaylikme (Zayn/Harry/Liam)

“What’s your fantasy?” Liam asked sensually, his mouth dangerously close to Harry’s penis. His thoughts jumped to a certain boy that had entered his dreams lately. He recalled his most recent dream which involved Zayn, Liam and himself in an erotic position. He’d woken up panting and desperate for Liam’s touch.

Can This Not Be A One Time Thing? -1dsexuallfanfiction (Zayn/Liam/Niall)

This sounded like a horrible, horrible idea. A threesome with Liam? LIAM, the innocent puppy dog? No way. How could Zayn even have such an idea.

Three’s Company -avis (Zayn/Louis/Harry) (ao3)

Louis wants to watch Zayn fuck Harry. Zayn is more than willing to oblige.

The Affair -1dsexuallfrustrations (Zayn/Louis/Harry) 

“Um Zayn I’m not quite sure what’s happening right now, but I like it and I’m not going to stop it,” declared Harry as he planted a soft kiss on Zayn’s lips and pulled away quickly.

Day Off -silentbutlovely (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

The boys had the day off, a rare occurrence if you asked them. They’d decided to sleep in and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Baking -breakmymirror (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Harry bakes when he is nervous… But Louis and Zayn don’t like that :)

It’s Like This -nostravario (Zayn/Louis/Harry) (lj)

Going to University in America means being able to introduce Harry as his boyfriend, not his brother, it means being able to kiss Harry in public and no one’s the wiser, it means being able to entertain the idea of having a threesome with Harry and that new kid in Drama Club. Louis loves University.

Triangular Circles and No Straight Lines - nostravario (Harry/Liam/Zayn) (lj)

Zayn wants to have a threesome. Liam blushes a lot. Harry is delighted.

Of Shy Boys and Wanting -nostravario (Harry/Liam/Zayn) (lj)

Harry wants, and sometimes he thinks Louis does, too.

The Sex Tape -stylinsonmoans (Zayn/Harry/Louis)

Zayn films a larry stylinson sex tape but soon joins in.

I’ve Struggled With Fame -merdub (Zayn/Harry/Louis)

In which Zayn struggles with being famous and kind of freaks out sometimes and suddenly Harry’s not there to freak out with him and Zayn doesn’t get it until Harry shows him how Louis takes care of him.

Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral -matchsticks_p (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

No one has ever accused Zayn of being quick on the uptake.

Live On The Air -thiliafic (lj) (Harry/Louis/Nick)

During Nick’s first week on the Breakfast show, Harry has conflicting feelings, Nick decides to give in to temptation and be a little naughty, and Louis’ jealousy peaks. Do they manage to find a way to satisfy all three of them?

Three in a Bed -brokendrums (Harry/Nick/Niall) (ao3)

Niall somehow finds himself in a relationship with Harry and Nick.

The Sportsman’s Guide to Tricycling -lemonface (Louis/Harry/Nick) (ao3)

Further adventures of a Radio 1 dj and his noble struggle to have just an average everyday threesome with two boybanders (if there’s room in the bed for all three of them plus their issues)

We Will Make You Feel Good -dontlabellove (Zayn/Niall/Liam)

The pirate realises he is in front of the door that contains his fate so he slowly pushes the door to open it and kicking himself mentally for being afraid of Zayn and Liam, the ones who love him most, perhaps more than his own parents. (pirate!fic)

The Upside Of Jealousy -writingabetterlife (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Zayn makes Harry and Louis realise that they have been using him to make the other jealous, and they try to make it up to him.

Resisting Temptation -writingbetterlife (Zayn/Louis/Liam)

Zayn is getting frustrated while on tour, but Liam and Louis know a little something about dealing with being away from their girlfriends.

Glass Table Boys -teapirate (Louis/Harry/Zayn)

Louis is a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Zayn is a DJ, and Louis’s room mate. Harry is a hot stranger. naturally, a threesome ensues.

Burning Fires In My Mouth -castoffstarter (lj) (Harry/Louis/Niall)

Wherein Niall doesn’t know what he wants even when he gets it.

Wanna Work For Me -lucky-starlinson (Zayn/Harry/Liam)

When Harry’s mom offered Liam and Zayn jobs such as mowing the lawn and painting the walls, Harry had a naughty idea for the two boys in order for them to get extra money.

Mistake -askzianourry (Zayn/Harry/Niall)

Was it a drunk mistake?  No, it wasn’t because Niall and Zayn always loved Harry more than a bandmate or a best friend.

Baby Hold On -words_unravel (Liam/Louis/Harry)

Liam makes a bet that he knows he probably can’t win. As it turns out, they all win in the end.

I Got A Hangover, Wo-oh! -thesilverwitch (Liam/Zayn/Louis)

Zayn doesn’t know how to get inside Liam’s pants. Louis offers to help.

Finer Things In Life -itsziallbaby (Zayn/Liam/Niall)

Zayn knew Liam had a little crush on Niall, he was sure everyone in the band did. Niall was a flirt, and the recent growth spurt along with braces and visits to the gym had made the Irish boy even more appealing. Maybe it was the bright blue eyes, or maybe it was the infectious laugh, either way there was no arguing that Niall was attractive.

Up All Night -chentalyne (Niall/Zayn/Louis)

Zayn comes home drunk after a night with the boys and has to pay his punishment.

Good Boy Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 -beautifulbradfordboy (Zayn/Harry/Niall)

10-year-old Harry Styles went to have a sleepover at his best mate’s, Niall place. He woke up in the middle of the night to use bathroom and ended up having little fun with his mate’s dad, Zayn. (daddy!kink, under!age)

The Problem - onedirectionspimp (Niall/Harry/Liam)

Harry and Niall have a bit of a problem. Okay, more like a substantially large problem. It’s the kind of problem that doesn’t go away until something is done about it. Except this isn’t something very likely to happen. Because their problem? Ms. Calder let some genius kid work with her as an assistant teacher even though he was their age, and not to mention incredibly hot. 

Bump N Grind -writingabetterlife (Zayn/Niall/Liam)

Zayn’s dancing in a club and Liam and Niall are really into that. (cumplay)

Untitled -rockme-niallerr (Zayn/Liam/Niall)

Zayn and Liam have an unspoken battle over Niall, but he’s getting pretty tired of it. Why can’t they just share for once?

Corruption -narryequalsperfection (Louis/Harry/Niall/Zayn)

Liam’s 11 year old brother, Niall, is left alone with Harry, Louis and Zayn while he goes to the store and the boy’s curiosity leads to some unexpected situations.

Three’s A Crowd - nialleriswhorin (Louis/Nick/Harry) (ao3)

Harry convinces Nick that they should get a kitten and drags a reluctant Nick down to the animal shelter. Harry is immediately smitten with Louis and convinces Nick to let them adopt him. Louis is smitten with Harry also, but not so much Nick. Nick is forced to watch while his new kitten tries to steal his boyfriend. This wasn’t exactly what he meant when he had said ‘lets get a cat. (hybrid!au)

Teach You A Lesson -zianourrysmut (Zayn/Liam/Niall)

Zayn kinda walks in on his friends supposed to be in a platonic relationship and Liam won’t let him get away with this.

Need You For My Dreams -daisysusan (Zayn/Liam/girl!Harry)

Harry didn’t mean for the threesome with Zayn and Liam to be a recurring thing but apparently it’s become one. Since they’re doing it again and all.

I Almost Told You That I Loved You -ballsdeepinharry (Niall/Harry/Zayn)

Pretty much all filth. Basically, I saw this gif and I got the idea.

Bang, Bang, Bang -tirewrite (Harry/Nick/Mark Ronson)

You’re not going to want to read this if you’re not into the idea of harry being into getting roughed up, slapped around and fucked until he cries (dp (eta: that’s double penetration kids) style oh boy) and a bit of humiliation and pain and stuff too, um.

Just A Little Fun -Kenzigrl22 (ao3) (Louis/Niall/Zayn)

Zayn stops by Niall and Louis’s hotel room as he is lonely.

Drunk -theaeolist (Zayn/Harry/Liam) (ao3)

Things get crazy when Harry starts drinking.

Trying Something New -Kenzigrl22 (ao3) (Liam/Louis/Niall/Zayn)

Basically the boys are discussing what having a foursome is like when Louis suggests they do it.

Comfort -allofspace (Louis/Harry/Zayn) (ao3)

Zayn is feeling bad about Liam. Louis gets Harry to help make him feel better.

Truth Or Dare -zouissexcam (lilo/zarry)

Lilo and zarry where the boys are playing truth or dare and things get a little hot.

Colour My Senses Cherry Red - thilia (ao3) (Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Louis, Zayn/Harry/Louis, Louis/Nick, Zayn/Harry)

Zayn Malik, closeted gay pornstar. (chaptered, roleplay, spanking, rough!sex, pornstar!au, angst, somnophilia)

Not The Time For Romance - cantgetnoworse + subtlerefuge

"What has got into you?" Niall asked with an elbow to his ribs and Louis puffed out a wistful if you only knew, mate.

or, the one time Louis wears a butt plug and filthy sex ensues.

Lucky Number Three -larry-fuckers (Zayn/Liam/Niall)

 Zayn and Niall like to fuck about and if they’re lucky sometimes Liam joins.

Linosh Threeesome -10inchesinsidealepefchaun

Liam, Niall, and Josh decided to spend the night at Josh’s

Like He Does -bookykat

"Yeah, well Pa certainly doesn’t hold back his ‘Fuck yes LiLi’s or his ‘Oh shit right there baby’s does he now?!” Daddy!Liam!Louis, Underage!Zayn

Drink or Dare -BeautifulDirectioner (ao3) (Zayn/Liam/Niall) also (Louis/Harry)

One Direction are having a get together after they had spent a couple weeks apart with their own families for the holidays, then they get kind of drunk, and start taking challenges about who dares the most, it traces out and the boys starts to do things together and yeah.

The Jigsaw Blown Apart -FangedAngel (ao3) (Louis/Harry/Zayn)

Zayn’s been aware of the tension between the three of them for a while, but it only unravels when Louis asks Zayn to tattoo Harry.

Play It Sweet, Play It Cool - skullage (hauseofstorms) (ao3) (Harry/Niall/Zayn)

If someone had told Harry when he met Niall that this is what he was really like, under all that hair-bleach and the Justin Bieber obsession, a cock-slut the likes of which the world had never seen before, Harry might’ve laughed. He certainly wouldn’t have believed it. He’s not sure he believes it, now.

Hooked On A Feeling - jannika (ao3) (Harry/Zayn/Louis/Liam)

 Harry and Zayn decide to hook up/get caught to make Liam and Louis jealous. With sex and feelings, so many feelings, and games played and a touch of polyamory.

Writing Moments On The Wall In Different Colors - fiddleyoumust, lissa_bear (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

He’s not going to find the right answer by making lists of pros and cons. The truth is that he loves them both. He doesn’t know why everyone tries to sell some true love fantasy about finding “the one”, because now more than ever Harry knows that doesn’t exist. He is definitely in love with two people, two completely different people with completely different personalities, and there is no right choice.

Rest Stop -shamespiral (ao3) (Zayn/Niall/Harry)

Harry and Zayn and an offer Niall’s not too tired to refuse. (cross!dressing, snowballing, facials, bottom!harry, top!niall, blow!job)

Irish Twink Part 2 - loveitziall (Zayn/Niall/Louis)

Part 1 located here in Ziall. Niall is a porn star that gets a request for a video which he’d never see himself doing, it all becomes greater than he thought. 

Straightforward And To The Point - nouams (dicktective) (ao3) (Niall/Louis/Liam)

'all three of us,' louis says over liam. 'we're pop stars and we should all have had threesomes by now. who cares if it's with each other.'

More - 1dfanficrealness (Zayn/Niall/Liam) (Fisting) 

“Mm more please.” Niall moaned out as Liam had three fingers deep in his lover. Their bodies were coated in sweat in the dimly lit room with the blond on all fours and Liam slamming his knuckles into tight heat. The Irish boy’s mouth was a bit preoccupied with downing Zayn’s cock and swallowing with only a little gag getting the darkest boy there to moan and grip blond hair. This was how it went most nights, the three would say what positions they’d like to have-Niall was a bit of a power bottom-while Zayn and Liam would alternate between his mouth and ass.

Open Door Policy - LouLa (ao3) (zialliam)

Niall’s door is always open. Quite literally.

Baby, Let Me Mess You Up - jdalex (ao3) (harry/liam/edward)

Basically, Harry decides to share Liam for a night.

Be My Bunny - steptowardsthelight (zayn/niall/harry)

In which Niall is a former porn star send to reform school, and his roommates fuck him.

Gagging - seven (ao3) (zayn/niall/liam)

Liam tweeted Zayn with his hand over Niall’s mouth and my brain went to really really fun places.

Switch It Up - iforgetlikeanelephant

Zayn enjoys the attention of two gentlemen callers (because the summary deserves to be the classiest thing about the story considering it’s pure smut and I have no idea how to summarize that).

Two For The Show - myfav1dsmut

He’s something else, isn’t he?” Louis says softly, tightening his hands in Harry’s curls again. “He can’t get enough.” And hearing that, Harry flushes with pride and goes a little deeper.

Never Be The Lonely One - daisysusan, formerlydf

In which Liam has been recruited by Team Great Britain to run at the Olympics, but none of that is quite as important as how much his bandmates miss him. Or the fact that he’s having sex with Tom Daley.

 How It Feels To Go Commando -  hollowoutthedarkness

In which Liam does not like his underwear and Louis requests he takes them off—with him and Zayn in the room. Sexy times ensue.

Not So Innocent - onedirectionslashstories

Zayn and Niall began acting strangely, but their strange behaviour, the smouldering glances at each other, the touches that lasted slightly longer than usual and sneaking off to spend time together alone all the time.

Harry and Louis didn’t particularly question Zayn and Niall on this behaviour as they themselves behaved similarly, however their behaviour did not go unnoticed by Liam…

Nineteen - kittyfiction (Harry/Nick/Louis)

Harry looked down at the box with wide eyes. “For me?” 

No I In Threesome - flimsy (Liam/Louis/Harry)

Louis wears lingerie to win a bet. 

Bound So Tight - merihn

Inspired by the Christmas photoshoot, where Louis is all wrapped up in lights, and Niall and Zayn “danced”.

My Pain, Your Thrill - mullingag

Harry’s not trying to spy on Zayn and Niall, he just always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Or Harry watches Zayn and Niall together and longs to be able to touch Niall and hates being left out until he isn’t

Have You Learned Your Lesson - Kenzigrl22 (ao3) (Niall/Zayn/Liam)

Liam and Zayn come home to find Niall has eaten their dinner so they decide to teach him a lesson. (sub!niall, dom!zayn, dom!liam)

Two In One - thilia

The idea had been forming in Nick’s head ever since he’d caught Harry watching porn on his laptop one evening.

Zniam - louisgrindsonharry

It irritated me that Louis and Harry had their girlfriends, and Niall and Zayn had each other, and I didn’t have anybody.

“Li, what’s wrong?” I heard Zayn’s soft voice at the door.

A Sleepless Night - paradice (ao3)  (Liam/Zayn & Niall/Harry)

Zayn and Liam make love while Harry and Niall fuck and it’s all Louis’ fault, really.  (rimming, voyeurism, exhibitionism, blow!job, bottom!harry, top!niall, bottom!liam, top!zayn)

Don’t Overthink, Just Let Go - hipthrustinginhazza (Liam/Harry/Louis)

So maybe Liam is a little bit curious about the fabulous world of gay sex; and Louis gigantic arse on his little body. Maybe Harry knows just the way to exploit these facts. (bondage, dirty!talk, blow!job, BDSM)

We Are Wide Away - flimsy (ao3) (Liam/Harry/Louis)

Liam watches Louis, his closed eyes, the way his skin is shining with moisture, the flutter of his lashes against his cheeks; when he looks up Harry is staring at him, watching him in turn. (rimming, fingering, blow!job, drug!use, hand!job, masturbation, bottom!louis, top!harry) 

Paradise - orakle (ao3) (Zayn/Harry, Zayn/Liam, Liam/Louis)

Zayn Malik (17) lost his parents due to a car accident and is sent away to live with an uncle, Harry Styles (23), who just happens to be a pornstar. The minute Zayn came into Harry’s life, was the minute that changed it all. Zayn finds himself stuck between his own Uncle, and his hot jock friend, Liam Payne. (chaptered, incest, daddy!kink, under!age etc)

Never Never Never Stop For Anyone - aimmyarrowhigh & spibsy (lucy_and_ramona) (ao3) (louis/harry/george shelley) (10 part series)

The night before the first live show of X Factor’s ninth series, George meets Harry and Louis in a nightclub. (subspace, rimming, bondage, size!kink, voyuerism, car!sex, blow!job, overstimulation, cum!play, exhibitionism, dirty!talk, fingering, double!penetration, orgasm!control, orgasm delay, public!sex, toys, frottage, butt!plug, cybersex, skype!sex, etc.)

Wants Some Irish, Too - 1dfanficrealness (Zayn/Niall/Louis)

“Well I wanna have a threesome and try out some double penetration.” (double!penetration, top!zayn, powerbottom!louis, top!niall, blow!job, fingering, riding, caught!kink, hand!job, masturbation)

Sleepy As The South - louispet (ao3) (Harry/Louis/Nick Grimshaw) (work in progress)

but this is one thing louis doesn’t want him to find out and he doesn’t want harry to ask anymore, because eventually he’s just going to spit it out and that’s the last thing he wants to do, is put harry in that awful position of having to pretend knowing his best mate pees his pants like a toddler doesn’t make him uncomfortable. (chaptered, age!play, watersports, frottage, daddy!kink, infantilism, dry humping)

We’re Okay - scottmcniceass (ao3) (Zayn/Liam & Harry/Louis)

It’s funny, really, that their lives hadn’t intercepted before that point. That all it took was one little thing that set off a chain reaction of circumstances which led them all to each other. But it was for the best, really, because in the end, with each other, they were all okay. (chaptered, drug!use, alcohol, child!abuse, violence, blow!job, hand!job) 

The High - alison (ao3) (Louis/Harry/Nick Grimshaw)

Nick brings the weed. Inhibitions are lost. (drug!use, blow!job, voyeurism, fingering, bottom!louis, top!nick)

Skin Pressed Against Me Tight - alison (ao3) (Louis/Nick Grimshaw/Will Tomlinson)

Louis’ twin brother, Will, comes to visit on his break from uni. The unpleasantness in Nick’s life doubles before it pretty much disappears. (twincest, incest, brothers!incest, fingering, frottage, top!nick, bottom!will, riding, masturbation, bottom!louis, insecure!louis, thickdick!kink, hand!job)

Bad Kitty - shhnoonehastoknow (Zayn/Harry/Edward Styles)

Identical twins Harry and Edward adopt a hybrid kitty called Zayn. (hybrid!au, kitty!zayn, fingering, blow!job, bottom!zayn, top!harry, hand!job)

Ride Around Town - zaniamsextoy (ao3) (Zayn/Niall/Liam)

Liam and Zayn are a happily married couple who have just been forced to watch Liam’s nephew Niall. Zaniam sex ensues. (under!age, incest, masturbation, virgin!niall, bottom!niall, top!zayn, top!liam, riding, double!penetration)

A Little Fun - perfziall (ao3) (Niall/Zayn/Liam)

Niall and Liam take Zayn back to Niall’s hotel room for some fun. (drunk!sex, nipple!play, cum!play, fingering, hand!job, bottom!zayn, top!niall)

Unthinkable - asiacore (ao3) (Niall/Edward, Liam/Louis, Harry/Edward)

Harry and Ed discover they have not-so-brotherly feelings towards each other and drama ensues. (twincest, chaptered, hand!job, blow!job)

I’ve Got You - satansharlot (ao3) (Harry/Edward/Lucas)

Harry, Edward, and Lucas have always been attached at the hip, ever since they could walk. Harry, Edward, and Lucas you see are triplets and ever since elementary school kids have treated them differently because they looked exactly like one other, from the color of their eyes, too the curls on the top of their heads. (blow!job, fingering, bottom!harry)

The Best Way To Have Fun In A Car - hidinginmyroom (ao3) (Harry/Mason/Niall)

Mason gets bored in the car and takes it out on Harry. Niall gets sort of uncomfortable and Zayn don’t care. Niall comes in his pants. (twincest, car!sex, hand!job, voyeurism)

Three’s A Crowd - 1dgaysmut

Zayn, Niall and Louis have a threesome. (dirty talking, double penetration, spitroasting)

Smashed To Pieces - 1dgaysmut

Niall teases Liam and Zayn all day, and they brutally fuck him, during  a live twitcam session. (dirty talking, blowjob, spitroasting, voyerism)

Heavy Hitter - larrygustavsson (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Louis is a bit of a cock slut and Harry comes up with an idea. (double!penetration, fingering, jealous!harry, blow!job, bottom!louis, top!harry, top!zayn)

Toe To Toe, Back To Back (My Love It’s Very Late) - toplinson (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Zayn and Louis both pick up Harry at a club and they fuck. (fingering, biting, bottom!harry, top!zayn, bottom!zayn, top!louis, fuck!train)

This Is A Thing Now - thelonelycoast (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

The stage gay’s been a thing for a while now, but lately, it feels different, like it’s building up to something. Then one night, Zayn gets a rude text from Louis. And it’s all downhill from there… (blow!job, hand!job, dirty!talk, fingering, first!time, masturbation, bottom!louis, top!zayn)

Sweet Treats - alba17 (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

It all started with Zayn eating Harry’s thong made out of sweets. (blow!job, dub!con)

Control - middlefingersup (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

In which Zayn orders Louis and Harry around. (dom!zayn, sub!harry, sub!louis, rimming, cum!play, blow!job, fingering, bottom!louis, top!zayn)

Glass Table Boys - theteapirate (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Louis is a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Zayn is a DJ, and Louis’s roommate. Harry is a hot stranger. Naturally, a threesome ensues. (over!stimulation, bottom!louis, top!harry, top!zayn, blow!job, riding, dom!harry, dom!zayn, sub!louis, aggressive!harry)

Each One, Teach One (Part 1) - littlemousling (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Zayn wants Harry to have the best experience possible, even if it means enlisting some outside help. (BDSM, slapping, subspace, pain!kink, pain!play, hand!job, blow!job)

Learning Lessons Well (Part 2) - littlemousling (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Zayn is a quick study, at least when it comes to topping Harry. (spanking, bondage, pain!kink, pain!play, BDSM, bottom!harry, top!zayn)

Pin-Up Boy (Part 3) - littlemousling (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

When Louis visits his family for a long weekend, he leaves some instructions behind for Zayn and Harry. (pain!kink, bondage, pain!play, dom!zayn, sub!harry, BDSM, blow!job, orgasm!denial)

I’ll Warm Him Up For You (Part 4) - littlemousling (ao3) (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Harry’s not allowed to come until Louis is back in town. Louis has some instructions for Zayn, too. (orgasm delay/denial, bdsm, exhibitionism, subspace, blow!job, bondage, fingering, bottom!harry, top!louis)

Baby, Let Me Mess You Up - jdalex (ao3) (Harry/Liam/Edward Styles)

Basically, Harry decides to share Liam for a night. (rimming, blow!job, fingering, cum!shot, bottom!liam, top!harry, twincest)

Cuddles And Head Make Marcel A Happy Boy - embro (ao3) (Harry/Marcel/George Shelley)

George is the graphic designer, and Marcel is the marketing guy. When their idea gets shut down by One Direction, they cheer each other up with cuddles and kisses. And when Harry comes in to apologise, things take a turn for the sexy. (blow!job, hand!job, masturbation)

Hardest Button To Button - dutty

Liam doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to feel a bit uneasy; it’s not in his nature to be nonchalant about meeting the boyfriend of the bloke he’s been fucking for months, especially when that bloke happens to be his flatmate.

Or: the most unnecessarily complicated approach to threesomes in the world.

Firsts - justsmuttythings (Liam/Louis & Harry/Louis)

Liam is Louis’s older, popular jock brother. One day he brings home his jock friends and they start fantasizing about taking sweet Louis’ virginity. Liam has a perverse mind and wants to see that take place, but he doesn’t want just anybody to do it. Harry gets picked because he’s always loved Louis and Liam trusts him. So Harry takes Louis’ virginity with Liam watching. (virgin!louis, top!harry, bottom!louis, jock!liam, brothers!incest, voyeurism, non!con, dub!con, under!age, cum!play, humiliation!kink)

I’ll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret - shhnoonehastoknow (Zayn/Louis/Harry)

Harry and Louis are fathers to an 8 year old Zayn, and one night Zayn gets scared and has to sleep in their bed. (daddy!kink, under!age, overstimulation, hand!job)

Never Tell - more1dslash (Louis/Niall/Harry)

Harry and Louis are the cool, popular football stars at school… they’re all so the school bullies. One of their many targets being fellow footie team member, Niall. When Niall walks in on something he probably shouldn’t after practice one day, he can help but stay. (highschool!au, football!au, jock!harry, jock!niall, homophobia, shy!niall, blow!job, bottom!niall, fingering, top!harry, hand!job, bullying)

All In The Family - 1dfanficrealness (Zayn/Niall/Liam)

Zayn (aged 15) and Niall (aged 12) are the adopted sons of Liam (aged 33). When they’re caught having sex by their adopted daddy, they seduce him. (brother!incest, daddy!kink, under!age, bottom!niall, top!liam, blow!job)

Doubling Down - lazy_daze (Zayn/Louis/Liam)

In which Zayn and Louis discover Liam’s been getting it from both of them separately, and decide to give it to him together. (bottom!liam, top!zayn, top!louis, double!penetration, mild humilation!kink, barebacking)

Don’t Touch - kinkyyziam (Louis/Liam/Harry/Zayn)

Louis takes his son Harry to a playdate with their friend Liam and his son Zayn. As Louis and Liam are off talking they decide to go check on the two boys and catch them doing sexual things, Louis and Liam get turned on so they join their sons and it all escalates from there. (under!age, first!time, voyeurism, fluffy, rough!sex, blow!job, bottom!harry, top!zayn, caught!kink, bottom!louis, top!liam, riding, possessive!zayn)

The Night Starts Here - blackwayfarers (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

The high of another couple of glasses of cheap champagne glow in Liam’s cheeks as he slowly loses himself in the music, up next to Louis and giving it his best, jumping up and down with one hand in the air. He keeps finding Zayn in the in-between moments, giving him these wide open grins like he just really, desperately wants to share this feeling with someone else. All at once Zayn wants to feel it too, wants to bite that feeling from Liam’s lips, taste the blood of his grin and share it with Louis, remembering tonight as the bruise of fingers around wrists and mouths on skin. (bottom!liam, double!penetration, come!play)

The Business - lolwutsmut (Liam/Niall/Zayn)

Niall transfers companies just so he can fuck Zayn and LIam, but something happens along the way.

A Wolf In Disguise - chasingxrabbits (Liam/Niall/Zayn)

Married couple Zayn and Liam need a babysitter for their four year old, Harry. When uni student, Niall, shows up to fill the position, Zayn decides to have a little fun. (orgasm denial, dirty!talk, riding, rimming)

Three - 1DirectionGaySmut (Liam/Niall/Zayn)

Just some Niam where Zayn joins in. (doublepenetration)

A Forceful Encounter - lamb (Harry/Louis/Niall)

Harry couldn’t say it. He was terrified of Niall’s… eccentricity. (crack, belly!kink)

Perfect Little Family - smuttythings (ao3) (Louis/Niall/Harry)

Louis is the dad. Harry is the son. Niall is Harry’s best friend. Together, they’re a family. (underage, daddy!kink, chaptered)

That Dude’s The Man! - rivers_bend (Harry/Nick/Dylan O’Brien)

Dylan’s done some crazy shit in his time, but he’s still not sure how a few fumbled makeouts and some frustrated grinding with Harry Styles at an MTV promo week in LA has led to being tied spread-eagle and naked to Harry’s boyfriend’s bed in London. (double penetration)

I’ve Been Thinkin’ Lots About Your Mouth - trishapocalypse (Harry/Matt Healy)

In which Matty doesn’t stand Harry up this time, and Harry’s an embarrassing little fanboy. (But it’s totally cute.) (blowjob, nervous!harry)

Virtue Of Sharing - Valex_Charme (Harry/Josh/Niall/Zayn)

If there was anything Harry learned while attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic High School, it was that sharing is caring. (rimming, underage, blowjob, bottom!Niall)

**Say It With Your Hands - spibsy (Harry/Nick/James Corden)

It’s sort of an automatic reaction; when people are nice to Harry he wants to thank them, and an easy way to say thank you is by going down on them. (barebacking, blowjob)

**Double Up - hellolife21 (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

When Louis purposely skips out on taking his heat suppressants and goes into heat during an interview, he triggers Zayn as well. Liam is their only alpha and has to take care of them together.

**Heads Will Roll - robpatFF (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

It’s Louis’ fault.

Most things are, Liam has learned. This is hardly the first time, will hardly be the last, but he grips tighter to Louis’ hand anyway, half trying to read the signs on the wall and half trying not to stumble over his own two feet.

It’s a bit tough, maneuvering through the cramped hallway when they’re three deep, Liam and Zayn both clutching Louis’ hands as he tugs them faster, away from the clamoring footsteps of security tailing behind them.

**Words On My Skin - shrdmdnssftw (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

liam likes to send louis to zayn with the taste of his cum on his lips and his cologne pouring off louis’ skin, and when zayn sends louis back, liam looks for the constellation of bruises and teeth marks and scratches along louis’ skin that zayn always leaves behind for him to find. (marking, pain!play)

**It’s Not Just A Boat - badjujuboo (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

Liam would take the time to remember but Zayn is kissing him and he’s curling his tongue in that way that Liam loves so. Louis is mumbling something against Liam’s stomach, his fingertips plucking at the strings on his shorts, unbelievably nimble for one as klutzy as he normally is. Funny what weed does to people. Louis’ lips are this sloppy mess on Liam’s skin as he leans over Liam’s lap, Zayn’s teeth nipping at Liam’s jaw and its this wonderful mix of sharp and soft and so good. Liam feels so good. (snowballing, frottage, blowjob, shotgunning)

**there’s a drug in the thermostat to warm the room up - blueandbrady (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

“He needs to loosen up,” Louis says. “Like, properly relax. Let go of it all.” Louis chews on his lip and Zayn knows what he says next is going to be signature Louis. “He just needs some help. Some chemical help.”

Or, Liam’s not taking his break up with Danielle well, and Louis and Zayn just want to help. (drug!use, blowjob)

**We All Roll Along - LouisTomlinsonIsMyMom (Harry/Louis/Niall)

Louis gets fucked by Liam’s friends Harry and Niall with some back story. (double!penetration, rimming, fingering, feminization, fisting, top!harry, top!niall, bottom!louis, subspace)

**Like It’s Nothing - gooberzayn

University AU in which Niall likes one nights stands, but Zayn doesn’t, and Niall has commitment issues, but he likes Zayn and Harry likes everyone and Liam is of course the voice of reason. (college!au, rimming, past niam, pegging, blowjob)