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Do you know the fic when Louis is a f to m transgender and so he has a vagina and the guys ding out and one by one fuck him?

This Is The Road To Ruin (And We’re Starting At The end) - tylerthecreator

“I-I think Louis has a—“ Niall started, igniting a spark of further panic within Louis.
“—Vagina.” Louis interrupted him, dropping his head to hide his eyes that were now welling up with tears. “I have a cunt, alright?” He admitted weakly, holding his head in his hands.

Or: The one where, when his bandmates accidentally discover that Louis has a vagina, they are all aching to get a piece of it. (non!con, fetishization) 

- Morn

The fic where zayn accidentally takes Paula Viagra is actually called a helping hand by paradise October on ao3


A helping hand - auntie spice (Liam/Zayn)

The four times Liam walked in on Zayn wanking, and the one time Zayn walked in on Liam. (masturbation, hand!jobs)

- Morn

do you have any zarry or ziall with sub!zayn?

Zarry -

Four-twenty in the morning - TwistedArtist (Legna) (Harry/Zayn)

Zayn somehow managed to influence his mate, Harry to try Mary Jane (Marijuana) (rough oral sex, drug!use, frottage, dom!harry, sub!zayn)

Ziall -

Can You Keep A Secret? - allieverwanted (ao3) (Niall/Zayn)

For this prompt on the kink meme ‘People think it’s Niall who’s very submissive, and Zayn’s the power top. But what they don’t know was it’s the other way around. They found out just that when Niall coaxes Zayn into filming them while having sex, and the tape is released all over the internet’

Zayn Won’t Get Away With That - felicitygoodall1d (Niall/Zayn)

Dom!Niall and Sub!Zayn and include Zayn riding Niall.

- Morn

Link me to bdsm fics? I'm on my phone

Here is the tag - http://smuttydirection.tumblr.com/tagged/bdsm

But here are a few -

17 Days - lazanalirry (Louis/Niall)

Do I tease you? Do I push your limits? Do I tie you up all pretty and nice or do I just fuck you and get it over with?”  (BDSM, whipping, bondage, dom!niall, sub!louis, bottom!louis, top!niall, blow!job, nipple!play, fingering, spanking, hand!job)

Under Me, Quite So Good - flimsy (ao3) (Liam/Louis)

Liam knows what Louis needs, even when Louis doesn’t, (spanking, orgasm!delay, breath!play, BDSM, rimming, dom!liam, sub!louis, hand!job, fingering, bottom!louis, top!liam)

Midnight In Paris - milkymilkyderection (ao3)

Very rough Zouis smut. Sub!Louis Dom!Zayn (rimming, fingering, sub!louis, dom!zayn, rough!sex, biting, choking, spanking, bottom!louis, top!zayn)

You Rocked My World, You Know You Did - shipfiction (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn buys Niall a collar, and of course Niall puts it on. (bdsm, collars, dom!zayn, sub!niall, rimming, fingering, slapping, come!play, rough!sex)

The Perfect Climax - zappowziamfeelsbomb (Liam/Zayn)

Maybe Zayn missed his cue on that song on purpose. But he blamed Liam. Punishment under the practiced hands of his Dom was just too pleasurable. (BDSM, cum!play, dom!liam, sub!zayn, orgasm!denial, tattoo!kink, bottom!zayn, top!liam)

Go for it - NouisBro (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn was going to go clubbing with the guys but poor Liam couldn’t just let Zayn up and leave. So he…convinces him to stay. (daddy!kink, rough!sex, finger fucking)

Hold Tight - softzayn (Louis/Zayn)

Zayn has a thing about controlling Louis’ food and drink intake, Louis ‘forgets’ to sit by him at a dinner and he gets punished.

Or the one where Zayn’s into watersports and Louis likes to be pinned down. (bdsm, toys, dom!zayn, sub!louis, pregnancy!kink, rough!sex, watersports)

- Morn

Niall wearing Harry's clothes? c:

If you mean in a fic, I don’t know any specifically featuring this - Morn

any where like its all the boys involved, btw I really like your account!

Thanks so much!

Try our zianourry tag - http://smuttydirection.tumblr.com/tagged/zianourry

- Morn

Any Niall mpreg?

More Than Just A Bump - softzayn (Niall/Harry)

Niall wants a baby, Harry doesn’t. But eventually Niall manages to get his away and “just a bump”, turns into more. Despite Harry’s constant denial of the whole situation. (mpreg, bottom!niall)

Putting my defenses up - wemovealong (Niall/Harry)

Niall has a secret. Harry likes him anyway. (highschool!au, kissing)

Wrap it up with a pretty little bow - narrylife (Niall/Harry)

Niall finds out he’s pregnant on Christmas and is trying to tell Harry (fluff, pregnant!niall, Christmas fluff)

Miracles - wrksout (Niall/Harry)

There’s not a thing Niall would change. It just feels perfect, he thinks, that the baby is kicking softly the side of his belly just where Harry has his hand and there’s music playing while the boys try to cook dinner for all of them. It fits, like this is just what was meant to happen and Niall has never felt so happy in his whole life. (chaptered)

Staircase - TyldenCM (Liam/Niall)

Niall made a mistake, a mistake he wouldn’t change for the world. His band mates on the other hand may have something to say about it. One in particular. (daddy!niall, mpreg, niam, teen preganancy)

Attention Seeking - kinkyyziam (Liam/Niall)

Niall is 7 months pregnant with Liam’s baby, he’s feeling unappreciated, fat, unloved and wants nothing more than to “cuddle” with Liam. (mpreg, cum!play, daddy!kink, rough!sex, dirty!talk, bottom!niall, top!iam)

Untitled - bryannalovesonedirection (Niall/Zayn)

Niall goes into labor , and he finds out that he is having triplets and not only 1 , then Zayn can’t make it so Liam films it for him and is with Niall , and then Zayn sees an starts crying 

- Morn

long narry and nouis stories with bottom Niall?

Here you go - Morn

Narry -

The Love that Fits - riella (Harry/Niall)

It’s different, somehow. Warm and natural in a way that a lot of things in their lives aren’t.

Sometimes, when you fall into someone’s bed, you might just fall into their heart. (18K, bottom!niall, top!harry, friends to lovers, long)

Little Pet - humanghost (Harry/Niall) 

I wanted him to touch me softly, caress me. He touches me all over and leaves his marks so I will never forget. I wanted him to look at me with love. He looks at me with lust. hunger. I love him. He loves me for my body.

or in which Niall is in love with Harry who treats him like some sort of slave (pining, bottom!Niall, sub!niall, top!harry, master!harry, pet!play, long, WIP, 48K)

Nouis -

Dirty Thoughts For An Innocent Body by MemoirsofNarry 

Louis has come home to his younger brother, Niall.

When Louis’ band mate talks dirty to Niall, Louis can’t help but see his brother in a whole new light.

…Or when Louis suddenly catches feelings for his younger brother and thinks about them doing dirty things until Louis takes action and makes his thoughts reality. (chaptered, wip, brother!incest, nonfamous!niall, innocent!niall, long, bottom!niall)

Never mind found he Stockholm syndrome fic! Although try last rec'd one doesn't work, 'Closed like a fist'

You need be logged in to AO3 to read locked fics - Morn

Hi beautiful people! I was wondering if you could find me any one-shots where one of them is trying to convince the other into Role-Play? Any pairing is fine!(: Thank you lovelies!<3

These are the closest - Morn

Naughty Or Nice - alnima (Niall/Zayn)

Niall decides to dress up in a lady’s elf costume.  (barebacking, fingering, crossdressing)

Stars miss the sun - ymorton (Harry/Nick)

Five times Harry tried a bit of role-play (from silly to sexy to sad)

Warning: ends with a bit of angst but heeeeey it’s okay go look at pictures of them together in London today!! *throws confetti*

Hi I remember reading a zarry and lilo fic where there was a costume party and ZAYN was dressed as Aladdin LOUIS PETER pan and LIAM a fire fighter and harry tries to seduce zayn can u link it to me if u find it please and thank you :)

Anyone know this one? - Morn

Can you guys link me to a ziam os. It was one where Liam and zayn where roommates and Zayn walked in on liam riding a toy and it basically ended up with zayn getting liam to fuck him?

Dreams of fulfillment - auntie spice (Liam/Zayn)

Liam and Zayn are roommates - Liam is gay & Zayn is straight. Zayn finds out Liam is gay after he see’s him riding a dildo and he can’t get the image out of his head for weeks. What happens because of that is super hot.

- Morn

foot fetish smut??

Foot massage - 1dxhasxstolenxmyxheart

 Totally exhausted after a full on concert, Liam gets off just from Zayn massaging his feet, Liam is embarrassed but Zayn thinks its hot!

My Big Man - 1dfanficrealness

Liam worships Harry’s body and has him cum into his back dimples. Also a very small amount of toe sucking. (body!worship, fingering, blow!job, rimming, bottom!liam, top!harry, 69, cumshot)

Can you link me to your humiliation fics?

Show You A Few Things - lazy_daze (Harry/Liam)

Liam knows he has to be quiet. He knows Harry told him to be and he knows the others are just the other side of the wall and he knows he can’t yell, but Harry’s fingers are really long and slippery and sliding inside him, the way he loves, insistent and deep. (bottom!liam, dirty!talk, D/s, humiliation!kink, breath!play)

Taste Of Your Own Medicine - lazy_daze (ao3) (Liam/Louis)

"Spank me Liam." Because Louis said it, okay. (spanking, voyuerism, exhibitionism, humiliation!kink, dom!liam)

Three Day Getaway - smuttythings (zianourry)

Set during the UAN tour era. The boys need a break from the insanity of their lives and rent a cabin for the weekend. There, Louis agrees to let the others have him any way they want. (gangbang, barebacking, double penetration, humiliation!kink, dub!con, bondage, watersports, non!con)

A Day In The Life - smuttythings (zianourry)

(sequel to Three day getaway) Set a couple of months after Three Day Getaway. (crossdressing, frottage, watersports, bondage, humiliation, toys, dub!con)

Untitled - zelda-monkey (Harry/Niall)

Harry gets off on being called a girl. (rimming, fingering, crossdressing, feminisation, humiliation!kink) 

A very sore loser - auntie spice (Liam/Zayn)

The bet is simple: loser has to submit to anything the winner decides.

Liam loses, and after having to spend the entire day with a vibrator inside his bum, vows to never make bets again.

Doubling Down - lazy_daze (Zayn/Louis/Liam)

In which Zayn and Louis discover Liam’s been getting it from both of them separately, and decide to give it to him together. (bottom!liam, top!zayn, top!louis, double!penetration, mild humilation!kink, barebacking)

Firsts - justsmuttythings (Liam/Louis & Harry/Louis)

Liam is Louis’s older, popular jock brother. One day he brings home his jock friends and they start fantasizing about taking sweet Louis’ virginity. Liam has a perverse mind and wants to see that take place, but he doesn’t want just anybody to do it. Harry gets picked because he’s always loved Louis and Liam trusts him. So Harry takes Louis’ virginity with Liam watching. (virgin!louis, top!harry, bottom!louis, jock!liam, brothers!incest, voyeurism, non!con, dub!con, under!age, cum!play, humiliation!kink)

Till You Can’t Any Longer - paytontanner (Harry/Niall)

"Harry constantly chided Niall like a child whenever they went out to eat, “Slow down on your drink or you’re not going to be hungry.” He would say and Niall would roll his eyes half heartedly but still push the drink away. That is why Harry had made a rule that Niall had to sit next to him whenever they went out to eat anywhere, so Harry could monitor his intake."

Or the one where Niall disobeys and Harry takes him home and punishes him. (top!harry, bottom!niall, humiliation, watersports, bondage, dub!con)

Four’s A Crowd, Five’s A Party - kinkyyziam (zianourry)

Louis was visit with his family, he loves seeing his family but he was missing Harry even more, to the point where he’d decided to cut the visit short and surprise Harry by coming home two days early. Instead of Louis going home to his just boyfriend, he walks in on a soon to be gangbang. (dirty!talk, cum!play, humiliation!kink, blow!job, rough!sex, deep!throating, slight daddy!kink etc.)

Three Day Getaway - smuttythings (zianourry)

Set during the UAN tour era. The boys need a break from the insanity of their lives and rent a cabin for the weekend. There, Louis agrees to let the others have him any way they want. (gangbang, barebacking, double penetration, humiliation!kink, dub!con, bondage, watersports, non!con)

Save it for Styles -suzie-fic (zianourry)

Harry gets off on being humiliated. He likes being spanked, stripped…forced to orgasm in front of all of the boys, etc. The more exposed and shamed he feels, the harder he comes. bonus points for the boys loving it as well. 

- Morn


Liam is being good.

He only had the quickest of washes in the shower, enough to clean his body of the sweat from his workout, but not long enough for him to derive pleasure from the feeling of his own fingers on his balls, on his cock. He dries off with a similar haste, and slides into bed, fists clenched and bottom lip between his teeth.

He’s hard. Liam’s cock is achingly, gloriously hard, has been ever since he answered his phone on the way back up to his room and the voice in his ear asked if he had been a good boy. “Yes,” he’d answered.

It’s hard, sometimes, to be good.

Now is one of those times, Liam’s traitorous dick tenting the sheets, chilly air somehow not cool enough against his overheated skin. Liam aches with the need to touch himself, to wrap a hand around his cock and -

No. Liam’s being good. He huffs, turning over onto his front, as if that’ll remove the temptation to touch himself. He curses, realizing his mistake as his sensitive dick rubs against the soft linen of the sheets. Liam’s hips buck, instinctive, and he turns his face to yell into the pillow, soft and giving underneath his head. Wait.

Liam’s face heats. Could he - could he use the pillow?

He scrambles to his knees. He watches his hands tremble as he folds the plump hotel pillow in half, positioning it under his hips. Liam takes a deep breath, and lowers himself down into position. The touch of cool linen and firm pressure against his cock makes him moan, and his hips twitch again, and again. They’re unconscious movements that betray how wound up he is - he’s been hard for nearly an hour now, mad with the need to get off, that much harder for the denial.

And now he’s rubbing off against a bloody pillow, like a dog. Liam hangs his head, settles himself on all fours more firmly and fucking down against the pillow. He feels like a kid again, a teenager just discovering what his dick is for, humping something - anything soft in lieu of an actual bed partner. 

Liam’s panting now, face slack as he rides the pillow, crushing it under him as he bucks his hips in earnest. The friction is just the right side of too much, not-quite-rough against the skin of his cock. He’d thought he was stronger than this, had prided himself on not needing it, on being able to control his impulses, but all it takes is that voice in his ear and he’s desperately hard, needy in the pursuit of his own pleasure. He drops down onto his forearms and starts to hump frantically, so very, very close to orgasm, to what he’s been denying himself -

Before he’d left London two days ago, before Paddy had whisked him into the waiting car and he’d headed across the ocean - before he’d left, there’d been a soft, gentle kiss, a murmur, "You’ll be good for me, won’t you, Liam?"

And he’d said, "Yes, of course, you know I will,” and gotten a smile in return, a reply of, “You won’t touch yourself until I’m there, will you?” His expression must have given something away at that, because there’d been a clarification, "You can come, Liam, but only if you’re a good boy. Only if you can come without touching yourself."

Alone in his hotel room in Toronto, Liam sobs, and comes, all over white linen and his own stomach, hands clenched in the bedsheets.

Liam is a good boy.