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What does selfcest mean??

It is when a person has sex with themselves either by magic or time travel etc -Paige

Ya’ll know how much I love Niall pairings, so here have some new Niall!centric fics! -Paige

Delivery Entrance to Narnia irishmizzy (Niall/Zayn) (46.5K)

"You okay?” Niall mouths. Zayn knows he’s mouthing it but he can hear it loud and clear, which is fucking weird. He blinks. His head hurts, right on the top where Liam had touched it, but all over, too.

(The one where Zayn gets superpowers.) 

Pretty in Lace MemmoirsofNarry (Harry/Niall)

In which Niall learns that Harry wants him to dress up real pretty for him and it’s weird until Niall finds himself in panties and he kinda likes it. (Cros!dressing, kink negotiation, feminization, dirty!talk)

Customer Service thestoryofnarry (Harry/Niall)

Niall’s computer is acting up so he has to call customer service. A guy named Harry Styles answers. (online!flirting, phone!sex, bottom!niall, uni!au)

Give Up Your Love loey (Liam/Niall) (12.6K)

He’s spent the morning anxious and fidgeting, half hard and breathless with anticipation since he woke to the text. Now he’s waiting, like a good boy, on his knees just inside the door, waiting for the lock to tumble. (pet!play, puppy!niall, master!liam, toys, dirty!talk, edging)

Bro Code xTammyVx (Niall/Zayn)

"Louis’ either dumb enough or smart enough, but definitely crazy enough to think that even his bad ideas are good ones,” Zayn snickers.

"I think this is one of his best," Niall admits, grin soft.

Zayn walks in on Louis dirty-talking Niall, again and again.

(But it’s all part of Louis’ master plan.) (Dirty!talk, frottage, starts off nouis turns ziall, pining, jealousy, jealous!zayn)

Take Me Away (Niall Hybrid) goshnarry (Liam/Niall)(slight!zianourry)

It’s 2016, and we live in a world where any hybrid is treated as a lower class citizen and is punished for their ways of life. When One Direction find out that their cutest band-member, Niall, is a hybrid, what will they do? (hybrid!niall, racism, niall!centric, cat!niall)


Do you have any Liam!centric Zianourry?

All Full Up With Your Love -likecharity (zianourry)

"Is no one going to say it? I feel like someone should say it," says Harry thoughtfully, and then adds, "we’re gonna gangbang you, Liam."

Where we belong - MissLii (Liam!centric)

When Liam finds out that he’s pregnant after a few ill-advised One nightstands, nothing turns out the way he thought it would. (long, 38K, mpreg, pregnant!liam, first!time, loss of virginity, zianourry)

Dog is a Man…and men’s best friend - anonymousorly (zianourry)

Liam is given a pair of dog ears.

Our Father - smuttythings (zianourry)

Liam is a priest and decides to start a class for boys turning 12 that school year to teach them about sex in a religious setting. He teaches the boys that coming is a sin. Lots of demonstrating, practicing, and private sessions. (non!con, dub!con, underage)

Think about all the places we could go - carissima (Liam!centric, Zianourry)

In which Louis thinks it’s funny to stamp the boys with Liam’s name, Niall likes having Liam’s name on his forehead, Harry’s jealous, Zayn just wants to spend time with Liam and Liam’s overwhelmed, really.


I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where liam is trying to prove he's not innocent or something and someone walks in on him fucking a redhead girl or something like that? sorry for the bad description

That sounds a lot like het to me but that may just be your description. -PAige

Could you do some fluffy,angst, body worship narry smut?


Sweet Sunday - Lovinglarry (Niall/Harry)

Niall wakes up to Harry pushing a buttplug inside of him (rimming, fluff, buttplug)

Warmth - wiccans

Harry wishes he could just freeze this moment: with the early morning sun streaking across Niall’s face, hair messy and damp; warmth fucking radiates from him, and Harry isn’t even sure how it’s possible, but Niall is sunshine and candy and warm kisses and dark heat. (frottage, fluff)

Purr-fect - fuzzyslippers (Harry/Niall)

Basically the one where Niall wakes up one day with cat ears and a tail and he tries to hide it from the other boys while dealing with some new feelings and being extra-cuddly. (fluff, first!time, bottom!niall, blowjob)

Thoughts - r4dzarry

Harry asks Niall if he’s ever thought about guys in /that/ way before and he answers… differently. (blowjob, fluff)

Leather And Black - oonajosefina

So basically Niall and his best friend Liam are at the pub when they are joined by the mysterious Harry Styles and his loyal friend Zayn Malik. (fluff, fingering, blowjob)

So Glad We Are Friends - ThenaNZ (Harry/Niall)

Harry and Niall go hiking and a little something happens once they get to there destination (fluff, rimming, blowjob)


Save Me, San Francisco - LiveInTheDark

Harry came to San Francisco for one purpose and one purpose only- to die. He planned to walk off of the Golden Gate Bridge if no one smiled at him that day. No one ever paid any attention to him, so why would they notice if Harry decided to throw himself off a bridge? That’s what he always thought, that is, until a certain blond Irishman pick-pocketed him and saw the suicide note Harry carried with him. (TW: suicidal thoughts, angst, drug!use, punk!niall)

They’re Just Hopelessly Gazing - asymptotes

things were always simple between niall and harry

until they weren’t

maybe they never had been

uni!au basically (bdsm, pining, angst)

Colder Weather - on_the_contrnarry

Harry knew Niall was seeing other people. They were far from exclusive; he knew that from his own experience with other lovers while he was travelling. But Harry also knew that everything he did with somebody else was different than things with Niall. After all, Niall was the only one he came back for time and time again.
Or the one where Harry can’t stay settled in one place for very long and travels the world, but always ends up at Niall’s door one way or another. (fluff, angst, pining)

*tell me how you want it - lxurygoods (Harry/Niall)

Harry gets stood up by a client; Irishman Niall picks him up instead. (fingering, blowjob, dirty!talk, angst)

body worship-

Despite The Missing Pieces - narrylife

Harry loves Niall even despite what he’s missing (deaf!niall, underage)

What Can I Say, I Just Really Like It - hushlittlehaz

Harry just really likes, no loves giving Niall head/One day were Harry just can’t control himself.

Mine - harriall

Niall’s body is a temple that Harry wishes he could visit more often.

Pale Skin And Dark Kisses - shippingthatbromance

I guess you could say Niall was always a tad bit self conscious about his pale skin.. But Harry always reminded him how much he loved it. (blowjob)


yes! the gif's back! i love when you guys use it! anyway, any with panties on louis? beside lilo and zouis

It is the greatest thing to happen to this blog I swear hehehe. -Paige

The only pairing left is nouis and we don’t have any with Louis in the panties hope you don’t mind.

Like a lady - Randominity (Niall/Louis)

"You can’t go round wearing a bra over your clothes, it’s unnatural," Louis comments, as he helps Niall thread his arms through the straps once more. "There we are." He hooks the bra in back, tight; it pinches where it cuts in beneath Niall’s shoulder blades. (feminization, frottage, crossdressing, first time, hand jobs)

Christmas Spirit  [tumblr]- PaigyPie (Niall/Louis)

Niall wants to get Louis into the Christmas Spirit! (dirty!talk, fingering, riding, crossdressing)

tomlinshaw has bottom!louis

Let My Lips Do The Teaching - imnotohkay (ao3)

Phonesex. That’s what happens. (cross!dressing, dirty!talk, masturbation, phone!sex)

Behave Nicholas Part1 Part2 - thecheshirepussycat (ao3)

Louis has to go on Nick’s new panel show for promos and all he wants is for his boyfriend to behave. But that is always too much to expect. (rimming, strip!tease, riding, bottom!louis, top!nick, cross!dressing)

Hey I'm looking for a zarry fic i remember that harry was a drug dealer who had a son who was liam (he was maybe in his late 20's) and zayn was a high school kid? I think the name was maybe called "The Game" but I'm not sure and I can't find it so please help me thank you 💞💞

I can’t find anything like it on here or on ao3 sorry. Does anyone know it?? -Paige

Hi I'm Looking for a fic I think it's called heat. Basically zayn rides Liam in a chair and Liam says that he's grateful zayn knows what he's doing bc Liam's never had anal sex before please and thank you!

I can’t find it can someone give us a link?? -Paige

Any masturbating fics? c:
Do you have sex slaves fics (preferably ziall) but any ship will do

We have a whole tag full of them. -Paige

The Prince Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 - wester-fic (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn is a wealthy, entitled prince. Niall is his new toy

Can you link not gonna happen

That’s not gonna happen unless you can give me a website or author or description or even a pairing. -Paige

link to 50 shades of gay

Click -Kenzi

That lost ziall one with them being roomates is called Few Great Things by venividivici. ;')

Is it on ao3?? or else where… -Kenzi

Can you help me find this fic I read a while ago where Zayn works at a comic book store and one day liam shows up to buy a comic on his lunch break and keeps on showing up on his lunch break to get a new comic and Zayn finds out he works at a bank. And Louis always shows up at the comic book store since him and Zayn are friends and I think Zayn also does street art. Please help I've been looking for it. Thanks :)

Ohh this sounds really good! Can anyone help pleaseee? -Kenzi

The fic they're looking for is called I'll be bad to you & it's by ohioinmymind(on ao3) :) hope I help enjoy!

thanks doll! -Kenzi

I’ll be bad to you - ohioinmymind (ao3) (unfinished)

"Monogamy, or whatever you call it—I’m starting to think it’s not for everybody. Most of us are rushing into it anyways, you know what I’m saying. You’re not rushing for love, and I’m not here to judge. So let’s neglect the "what if“‘s and make it do what it does."

(Or, where Zayn and Liam neglect the “what-if“‘s, and Zayn actively tries not to fall for his sister’s douchey boyfriend while she’s in another country.)