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man can we collectively join together to change the name of “watersports” to something a little less misleading

i remember the first time i saw that in the description of a fic

i was like “so what, do the characters go to a waterpark or something? kinda weird that the author felt the need to specifically point that out”

spoiler alert

the characters did not go to a waterpark.

okay im really done im leaving after this - Kaylee

this feels like falling in love - jmcats (zianourry)

They’re so quiet afterwards, stretched across the sheets, pulled apart from end to end.

But somewhere, in the middle of a typhoon of unsaid words and dazed looks, their fingertips brush across the divide. They twist and twine around each other and Zayn can’t help the way he stares at Liam until he smiles.

He can’t quite focus with Liam looking so soft and drunk and fond. (19K)

Come On With The Rain - oliviacirce (zianourry)

They’re all completely soaked by the time they get offstage in Bern. (voyeurism, exhibitionism)

Where we belong - misslii (zianourry)

When Liam finds out that he’s pregnant after a few ill-advised one nightstands, nothing turns out the way he thought it would. (drunk!sex, dub!con, mpreg, 38K)

I See Fire - notasmuch (zianourry)

Harry, a nymph without family, has been living alone in his forest for a really, really long time. His decades long peace is interrupted by two scared boys who just need a place to rest for a few days. (rimming, bdsm, AU, 69K)

if only you could see - stummingziall (zianourry)

The game goes like this: each of the boys are going to take turns touching him, while Zayn is blindfolded. Whether it be, Liam ghosting his fingers across Zayn’s thigh or Louis kissing Zayn’s lips, Zayn has to figure out who it is and if he gets it wrong, they decide on his punishment after they’ve played. Each boy gets at least two turns, one go with their hands and one with their mouths.

Or; Zayn has a sudden interest in blindfolds and the boys take advantage of that. (choking, blindfold, blowjob)

some rare pairs because im a filthy liar and im still here - Kaylee

Aint it Fun? - huntermay18 (Harry/Niall/Louis)

Niall gets a little bit too drunk at a friends wedding. Harry has to take care of him in more ways than one. In the midst of everything happening, Louis barges in only to join in on the fun. 

Where Did the Party Go - bumibuzz (Harry/Niall/Louis)

the one where Louis watches Niall give Harry a blow job.

You Can’t Stop - thisonegoes (Harry/Niall/Zayn)

This thing they do, they’ve been doing it for years now. It’s something they do when they need a release, something different, something new.

They don’t need a third body to make them happy, not every day. But some nights, nights like tonight, it’s exciting to have a third body in their bed. (10K)

We can be crazy like that - river_bend (Harry/Nick)

There’s no sender’s name inside either, though. What there is, is a return train ticket from St Pancras to Paris, leaving after the show and returning Sunday afternoon, a members card in his name for what turns out to be a private club he’s not heard of in the second arrondissement—thank you google—a smaller, but still creamy, envelope containing five-hundred euros, a map of the Paris Metro in English, and a postcard, blank on the back, of the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night. (21K, rimming, blowjob)

My Darling, You’re Not Falling - anonymous (Louis/Nick)

Louis and Nick have been married for almost six months. It’s a secret.

Well, it was.

Or Louis and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month (Drug!Use, barebacking)

This Must Be The Time - anonymous (Louis/Nick)

Nick’s never been the kind of boy to have a long-term boyfriend. There’s always been other stuff that’s been more interesting, stuff that’s held his attention more than the boys in his bed. It’s different with Louis.

Or: Louis and Nick come out: featuring flashbacks, goats, a determined Harry Styles and one very wet experience on the log flume. (15K, frottage)

The Mystery of Stolen Goods - anonymous (Louis/Nick)

Louis and Nick are detectives working a cold case together, and somehow they also work out their feelings. (11K)

and some new ziam! im gonna get off for the night though but feel free to send in other pairings for tomorrow! - Kaylee

Your Touch, Your Skin, Where Do I Begin? - justyrae (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn never expected Liam to be so upset about one little comment. (fluff)

the beauty of this mess - jmcats (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn loves this city, loves his boys, loves the salty taste of the surf on his tongue even though he hates the ocean… but he’s not expecting to fall in love with Liam and all of his little secrets, too. Not enough to stick around in this sandy city of teenage dreams (67K, angst, AU)

Good, lovin, feel so, numb - misskosmokrator (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn can’t resist Liam when Liam comes home from the gym. (top!liam, bottom!zayn)

this is interlude - xxcaribbean (Liam/Zayn)

liam figured a gunshot wound, a mysterious stranger, and a clear sign of betrayal was enough excitement to last a lifetime. however, in the process of it all, he didn’t take into account the fact that what he thought he knew would be challenged, provoked and possibly crushed, all because of a little four letter word that shouldn’t have even crossed his mind. (85K, abuse)

well that was just a lie (when they said you was high classed) - postitbandit (Liam/Zayn)

The funny thing about all of it, about how it starts and how it ends, is that he met Zayn first. (dub!con, oblivious!liam, bottom!liam)

I don't wanna sound ungrateful (I am very grateful for all the new fics) but is there really no new ziam?? It's like the only thing that matters in this world along with Betty white's well being lol

i didn’t go looking for any, im sorry! I have to go eat supper but I will come back and do that right away! I was thinking about ziam, but then I felt like i should do the underappreciated ships, you know? like lirry and lilo, but I’ll do ziam when i come back! - Kaylee

ayyy just blaze - Kaylee

Brag cause you’re the one that they fuss about - zaynandlouis (Louis/Zayn)

louis puts on his best puppy dog face. “i want to be official. like.. instagram official.” (riding, barebacking, D/s, humiliation, watersports)

Happy Days/ Fucking in a bathtub. - moveslikestyles (Louis/Zayn)

Zayn and Louis find a new way to wind down after a show (drug!use, bottom!zayn, top!louis)

I’ll Be In Your Veins - Phillipa19 (Louis/Zayn)

The stress of Zayn meeting with Samuel becomes too much for Louis and he needs a little bit of chemical confidence.

Or, the one with stoned kitchen fuckery and cheese sandwiches. (twink!louis, drug!use, D/s, fingering, top!zayn, bottom!louis, age difference)

A Race Against Time - merlypops (Louis/Zayn)

Zayn and Louis only have twenty minutes before the bus needs to leave.

Zayn doesn’t think they can both cum in that time.

Louis shows him otherwise. (fingering, dirty!talk, blowjob)

Fix Me - zarry4life (Louis/Zayn)

Louis met Zayn at a drugstore. (drug!use, abuse, crossdressing, angst, dark)

Monogamy Is The Way To Go - zouisprince (Louis/Zayn)

Louis wants to taste Zayn in every way possible. (bottom!zayn, top!louis, riding, rimming, barebacking)

some new narry because you’re worth it - Kaylee

place your head on my beating heart - takesmeunder (Harry/Niall)

That’s usually how they fuck, with Harry on his hands and knees with Niall doing him from behind. It’s impersonal and something they both enjoy, but something twists in Niall’s heart at the thought of doing it that way tonight. (riding)

Take it Off - iddoniall (Harry/Niall)

The one where Niall strips for Harry on his birthday as a laugh. (handjob, blowjob)

Feel Your Pulse in the Pages - zapzialler (Harry/Niall)

Harry is a writer, a fairy tale writer except that he puts a dark twist on the classical tales that have been told for ages. The protagonists, or the anti-heroes really, who are supposed to be innocent and pure are cunning and maniacal in his versions of the stories.

His main character has the same name as in the original tales, but he gives them all a general description: blond, blue-eyed, and with a killer smile that could outshine the sun.

Harry has next expected to meet someone like his character, or more precisely, someone who is exactlyfrom his stories. (11K)

Just Some Twisted Dream - zapzialler (Harry/Niall)

Sequel to Feel Your Pulse in the Pages. Harry just wants to figure how to get past the obstacle called Niall.

we’ll be strangers - fakedolls (Harry/Niall)

There was stillness for a few minutes as Niall’s blue eyes drifted away to look at his hands engulfing Harry’s wrists. His long fingers were awry and palm massive. He had a cross tattoo on the right one. Something shone in the darkness, and Niall narrowed his eyelids to look better. He elevated Harry’s hand in front of his face, examining without Harry fighting back. He pulled out from his pocket the abhorrent ring and compared it to the one on Harry’s finger. They were the same.

A reincarnation fic. (24K)

You changed my point of view - bananarrymuffin (Harry/Niall)

Niall is the thief that crashed through Harry’s window and stole his heart. Harry wanted to escape his sheltered life, so he let him. (11K, handjob, fingering)

you know i got a strange magic - kerfluffe (Harry/Niall)

Harry Styles: Street Magician (10K, public!sex)

Love me sweet - bananarrymuffin (Harry/Niall)

Sex on a washer machine. That’s it. Oh, and some fluff. (riding, top!harry, bottom!niall)

time it took us - gazellestyles (Harry/Niall)

Harry always did like weddings. (drunk!sex)

Wait For the Dust to Settle Down Around Us - MusicRequired (Harry/Niall)

Niall and Harry both take psychology and Zayn just wants to sleep. (bottom!niall, top!niall, AU, fluff, fingering)

there isn’t a lot of new niam! - Kaylee

Naughty Excuses - HighOnLife (Liam/Niall)

We all know how exhausting finals can be, and we all know how much sex helps to relief that tension. That’s why Liam takes things into his own hands, and fucks giggly and innocent Niall in the dark of the janitor’s closet. Niall likes to call Liam daddy and be his good boy. Rough sex is what helps both to loosen up and forget about the stress for at least a bit. (high school au, daddy!kink, blowjob, rough!sex, public!sex)

Living In A World Of Fools (They Don’t Know About Us) - goddess_julie (Liam/Niall)

Niall and Liam aren’t Harry and Louis. Hell, they’re not even Zayn and Liam, which is why they can date openly without anyone suspecting anything. Liam wears Niall’s clothes one night and Niall just wants to wreck him. Or have Liam wreck Niall. He’s not picky.

Both of Us - selfdestructivenightmare (Liam/Niall)

Niam at christmas

Please daddy. - CaptainG (Liam/Niall)

Niall is perfect just for Daddy. (BDSM, daddy!kink, daddy!liam, bottom!niall)

here’s some new zarry! - Kaylee

when we move you move - shuttermutt (Harry/Zayn)

Zayn gets up and makes his way over. “Aw, babe. Gotta be more careful.” He lightly circles his fingers around Harry’s wrist and brings his hand up to his mouth. Zayn kisses the red spot carefully and Harry flushes. “Better?” (fingering, teasing, barebacking, AU, orgasm denial)

just hit record - irishmizzy (Harry/Zayn)

Harry convinces Zayn to make a sex tape during the South American leg of the tour. (21K)

Never Again - comeonharry (Harry/Zayn)

Harry looks for answers and gets fucked instead (literally and metaphorically). (angst, cheating)

Make Me Feel Like This - Zarry4life (Harry/Zayn)

Zayn writes songs for his singing contests at the uni. (rimming, gringering, first!time)

Your Mouth Is Poison - thisonegoes (Harry/Zayn)

It’s like a string connects them, in the middle of particular gazes, because Zayn swears he feels a tug around his navel, from an invisible red string looped around him. It’s a belief Zayn’s always found fascinating, and he never knew it could be possible. He still tries to say he doesn’t understand it entirely, until Harry looks at him from across a crowded room, again. (angst)

some new lilo for your enjoyment - Kaylee

Lesson Learned - mistresscurvy (Liam/Louis)

Louis had warned him. (painplay, bondage, barebacking)

Skip the Charades - ferritin4 (Liam/Louis)

Everyone expects Liam to be a virgin. No one expects Louis to be one, including Liam. When they hook up, Liam quickly realizes Louis has zero real experience, while Liam has a veritable little black book of conquests.

Come a Little Closer (On My Face If You’d Like): A Romance - sunsetmog (Liam/Louis)

Liam finds Louis’ porn. (facials, daddy!kink, blowjob, masturbation)

Just Because I’m Sorry Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Enjoy it at the Time - heliotropelied (Liam/Louis)

Louis has developed a habit of stealing Liam’s things and it’s become a Problem. (blowjob, facials, fluff)

Read the Right Signs - liralen (Liam/Louis)

So, sure, there are a few things on here he’d definitely be up for, and maybe a few he’s not sure of but might be willing to try, only he could never, ever bring himself to ask for them. He’s pretty sure he’d fall over dead before he could look Louis in the face and say the words.

Liam blinks, slowly, several times. He shifts onto one hip, digging tonight’s bandana out of his pocket, and stares at it a moment, then at the browser full of colors before him.

He realizes, then, that he doesn’t have to say a thing. (rimming)

House Call - mistresscurvy (Liam/Louis)

Liam as, like, a plumber or a deliveryman or something and Lou as the innocent wide-eyed coed who answers the door.

Swallowing Words (While Giving Head) - badjujuboo (Liam/Louis)

Louis wants him to do something. (high school au, blowjob)

well this is new - hotteas (Liam/Louis)

and Liam thinks he’s never been more uncomfortable than he is right now.

Secret Sex and Singing Songs - yehwellwhatever (Liam/Louis)

What’s a guy gotta do to enjoy a blowjob in peace around here? (facefucking, bottom!louis, top!Liam)

don’t nobody kiss it like you - lightseep (Liam/Louis)

alternate canon reality set at jay’s wedding. (blowjob)

Working it out - misslii (Liam/Louis)

Liam and Louis stumble into a big change in their already close friendship.

The nature of it changing without their meaning one day, when Liam kneels for Louis the first of many times. (13K, spanking, barebacking)

Hey ! Do you have something to do with smuttysos or not at all ?

We do! That’s our sister blog! - Kaylee

some new ziall for your viewing pleasure - Kaylee

I Love You Too - ArchiveOfOurOwn2014UserBitch (Niall/Zayn)

Niall was waiting till the day he changes to an alpha but he becomes a omega. Too make it worse was he’s best mates Liam and Zayn are fighting over him.

Niall goes into his first heat (omega!niall, alpha!zayn, heat)

Chocolate Bottles and Bubble Baths - iforgetlikeanelephant (Niall/Zayn)

Niall’s feeling not so adult and Zayn likes to take care of his boy. (daddy!Kink, age!play, rimming)

In Charge - reroxurworld (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn is in charge, Niall knows this and consents to it. Smut ensues. (D/s, fluff)

A good friend - moveslikestyles (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn looking after Niall after he injured his knee on stage during the Amsterdam show. (blowjob)

Just to feel you breathe - irefusetoshine (Niall/Zayn)

Niall has just finished rinsing the shampoo out of his hair when Zayn finally joins him in the shower. (rimming, fingering, shower!sex)

Never Ever Let You Down - gayclubanthem (Niall/Zayn)

zayn gets stressed. niall just wants to help. (blowjob, handjob)

Hey do you have anything that involves a really intense make out :P Preferably Ziall but any ship will do me ! Thank you ily babe <3

Not necessarily making out but these ones are all really intense! - Kaylee

Raising The Bar -polaropposites (ao3) (Niall/Zayn)

Niall got a tongue ring and it’s driving Zayn insane.

Fevered - cyclogenesis (Niall/Zayn, OT5 feel)

It’s getting hot in here. So. Take off all your clothes? 

Amazing - aguantare (Niall/Zayn)

For a few seconds, Zayn just stands there and looks at him, breathing heavy and a thin sheen of sweat starting to glisten on his skin, and Niall feels naked in a way that has nothing to do with the fact that his pants are lying a few feet away on the floor. AU PWP. Sex on a pool table.

Thrown Together Ch3 Ch4 Ch8 Ch10 - smileyynsthc (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn Malik and Niall Horan can’t stand each other. How would they cope when they’re thrown together? Would they blow the house down or will they fall in love? (mpreg)

Sunlight, Cigarettes, and Summertime - littlezialllove (Niall/Zayn)

Summertime was a favorite of Zayn and Niall because Zayn tasted like cigarettes and Niall glowed like the sun. They liked to wake up in the early sunlight that streamed through their stupidly thin curtains. They liked to go outside in too big tank tops and lie in the grass. Summer was nice. Summer was them. (bottom!niall, top!zayn, slow!sex)

You Think Batman Used To Do This To Robin? - onouis (Niall/Zayn)

Niall must have been drunk, really drunk. Or maybe he was just a little drunk and actually wanted it, otherwise he wouldn’t remember ordering that fucking outfit on eBay. He doesn’t even ship online, for fucks sake!

A Challenge I Can Call My Own - lightseep (Niall/Zayn)

The one thing that hasn’t changed, in all the different ways that other people have played with his cock, is how he plays with it. (dirty!talk, nipple!play, exhibitionism, grinding)

You And Me Baby Making Love Like Gorillas - narryftw (Niall/Zayn)

Zayn and Niall are high off marijuana then things get heated as Bruno Mars’ song Gorilla comes on. (drug!use, bottom!niall, sub!niall, dom!zayn, top!zayn)

Run With Me, Love - littlezialllove (Niall/Zayn)

Niall hates this shitty town, he really does. He hates how they tell him everything he is and ever will be is wrong. He hates how everyone is the same. When Zayn come, he’s new and exciting and Niall likes that. (16K)

Tight Grip - xTammyVx (Niall/Zayn)

They’re just sleeping together, not even having sex, but it’s a bigger deal than that. (first!time)

Shoveling A Year - jesellex3 (Niall/Zayn)

AU. When the unforgiving snow pulls together a boisterous adolescent too loud for society and a remote young adult too aloof for anyone. (bottom!niall, age difference, top!zayn, pining, angst)

Quietus - boboyaboo (Niall/Zayn)

Where Zayn is a quiet Ravenclaw and Niall is an obnoxious Irish royalty in Slytherin.

narry size!kink? i remember a while ago you posted one where they were on the tour bus but i've lost the link to it

Little Things - smuttythings (Harry/Niall)

Harry and Niall are snogging in a tour bunk and Harry wants to take things further, but Niall is hesitant. Fluffy smut. (handjob, blowjob, small dick)

With All Your Glitter and Gold (Take care of Your Soul) - Lonie (Harry/Niall)

Harry is working for the biggest drug lords of all time and he plans to keep it like for the rest of his life. It gives him that pleasure knowing that people will drop to their feet with when they see him, he can have whatever he wants and that includes a small blonde, a birthday present from his boss.

An AU where Niall and Liam are bought out of their misery for a lavish life of drugs, sex, money, and love. (size!kink, jealousy, non!con, AU, WIP, 21K)

That Looks Good On You - shipfiction (Harry/Niall)

Niall keeps wearing Harry’s stuff (which is way too big for him), and Harry /really/ likes it.

- Kaylee

I feel bad for asking this as I know I could just check the tag but I'm on my mobile :( could I please have the link to the zianourry petplay one where, it's either liam or harry, gets a collar and treated like a dog, it's on ao3 too if that helps x

Is it this one? - Kaylee

Dog is a Man…and men’s best friend - anonymousorly (zianourry)

Liam is given a pair of dog ears.