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Lirry fanfic where liam gets mad at Harry and storms into his hotel room, and Harry gives him a massage and it leads to sex? Do you know where that fanfic is?

No sorry can anyone help a sister out?? -Paige


Zayn kissing Niall ;)

Feel It Rushing Through You - weyheyhorlik

Niall raised his voice over the general noise of his friends, waiting with a quirked eyebrow for them to quiet down before continuing, “I’ve a new wager in mind.”

Moving in closer to Niall, they all ducked their heads together to be absolutely certain no one else overheard; their bets were for them and them alone.

"Out with it man," Louis demanded impatiently, “haven’t got all day, have we?"

"I was in the locker room with Josh a bit ago and I saw this underclassman.." he paused for dramatic effect, looking each of the other three in the eyes with a smirk playing on the corners of his mouth, “Fit doesn’t even begin to describe him. One of us gets to find out just how fit he is. S’where the bet comes in- I bet I can get with him before any of you lot can."

Early In The Morning’s When I Think About You - bottombitchboys

Zayn smoking between Niall’s legs. 

- Kaylee

Hi um I was just wondering if I could get some narry with top!niall? Thanks x

I Love You, Forever - theloverofwolves

Harry thinks Niall has something with Demi Lovato so they get into a fight. (riding, bottom!harry, top!niall, jealous!harry)

Happy Birthday - leprechauncupcakes

Niall wants Harry to bottom and, really, what better day than on Harry’s birthday. (bottom!Harry, top!niall, fluff)

Out Of Air - sweetlikenarry

Harry gets an asthma attack while in bed with Niall and needs to use his inhaler. 

Get Back On Track - zmalikd (ao3)

Niall wearing a snapback during sex. That’s it, that’s the story. (blow!job, masturbation, fingering, bottom!harry, top!niall)

You’re Young And You’re Dumb - celestical (ao3)

Niall spends the whole day and the next morning fucking Harry. (felching, university!au, cum!play, cream!pie, overstimulation, rimming, fingering, blow!job, riding, dirty!talk, bottom!harry, top!niall, subspace)

Hold You In The Palm Of My Hand - aprettyaway (ao3) (Niall/Harry)

As with most of their sexual adventures, it’s Harry who makes it a thing, who brings it up as something they should do. It’s not that Niall doesn’t want it, it just doesn’t occur to him to do something different until Harry murmurs, “Could you pull my hair, please?” or shyly asks if Niall would mind maybe using a vibrator. (rimming, blow!job, fingering, orgasm!delay, blow!job, bottom!harry, top!niall)

I Love You, Forever - theloverofwolves

Harry thinks Niall has something with Demi Lovato so they get into a fight. (riding, bottom!harry, top!niall, jealous!harry)

Tender - theloverofwolves

A narry one where they’re having sex after a concert in their hotelroom and niall fucked harry and on the next morning the boys making fun of harry because he can’t walk and Niall protects him (top!niall, bottom!harry)

Denial - linnealice

The boys are going to a club after a Friday night concert in Madrid. When it gets too difficult for Niall to keep an eye on Harry, and he decides to take him home, things take a different turn between the two. (top!niall, bottom!harry, drug!use)

Messy - youandiarehappilyalive

While on a break from touring and publicity, Harry had decided to take up pottery. Mainly because he always felt like he needed something to do. Plus, it looked neat. (top!niall, bottom!harry, riding) 

Staying Home Tonight - TwistedArtist

Niall stays home and fuck his boyfriend. (top!niall, bottom!harry, fingering, fluff)

- Kaylee

this is the person who questioned you about why you get so irritated by larry questions; isnt it a bit sad that you get so worked up about it though, i get that it must be annoying but i think you guys shouldnt be so rude and disrespectful about the people who ask the questions, because you are always bitching about the 'annoying' larry askers and i think it reflects really quite badly on you

Literally, the only thing sad here is you because you keep freaking taaaaalking about it, just move on! Jesus, it’s over! Move on! Go forth with your life! And we are not always bitching about annoying larry askers jfc, but if we don’t answer people, they get more persistent and aggressive soooo, lesser of two evils and all that jazz, ja feel - Kaylee

any mpreg and any pair with links please


Fill You Up With All My Lovin’ - el_em_en_oh_pee (ao3) (Liam/Louis)

Louis is feeling a little unattractively pregnant so Liam takes it upon himself to show Louis how gorgeous he really is. (mpreg, body!worship, dirty!talk, blow!job, bottom!louis, top!liam)

He’s Such A DicK Part 1 Part 2 - 1dfanficrealness (Zayn/Niall)

There was a list of things he loved about going to this university: the amazing curriculum, the gorgeous campus and of course his very close friends. But there was one thing he fucking despised about going to this university. His neighbor in the dorm, Zayn Malik. (omega!niall, alpha!zayn, badboy!zayn, top!zayn, bottom!niall, knotting, fluffy stuff)

Don’t Wait, Let’s Go, Go, Go - ampere (Louis/Niall)

Niall is working on some company’s website and Louis turns his chair around, tilts Niall’s chin back and makes Niall meet this eyes.

“We’ve been together a long while, haven’t we?” Louis asks.

Niall nods, thinks that he should panic because this sounds like a break up. His brain wracks itself over evidence, reasons why this would be happening, why after all these years, all the things they’ve accomplished together. Louis’ job at the local school, the nice house they could finally afford when Niall got a bonus at this job. Why would Louis want to leave him now, after they’ve done it all, settled in.

“Yeah, we have,” he says slowly, tries to look away but Louis drops down to Niall’s level, makes it impossible for Niall to avoid his gaze.

“Let’s get pregnant.”

or Niall, Louis, and succeeding. (slow!sex, creampie, barebacking, riding, mpreg, bottom!niall)

- Kaylee

any fics where niall has his braces? (by the way, i—and lots of other people, i know—really appreciate all the work you ladies put in to keep this blog up and running. you guys are amazing!)

Pain Kink -together4never (lj)

Zayn has a slight pain kink (excessive tattoos/skateboarding) and he likes feeling pain from Niall who has braces and likes scraping them along Zayn’s skin and hipbones and just wants to make Zayn feel good.

56th and Oral Street - strawberryfinn (a03)

Niall gets his braces off. A blowjob seems like the proper way to celebrate.

What Happens On The Tour Bus, Stays On The Tours Bus -marmarstylinson

Niall gets braces and he’s sore and miserable. The other boys find a way to take his mind off it and cheer him up.

Pressure -rorycroft

Niall get’s braces put on and Louis helps him relieve the pressure.

- Kaylee

Wasn't there one once with all of the boys and Liam was a priest and told them orgasming was a sin?
Paige, you're fucking awesome. Just wanted to let you know that :D

Awww thank you you’re hella sweet -Paige

FUCK! I don't know what to do! So my laptop has a really bad virus and I need to get it fixed because I can't go to ANY websites and I can't just give it to my mom because there is PORN WEBSITES THAT I'VE BEEN ON and she's warned me about going on sites that may not be secure because we have no antivirus due to my moms GREAT idea and I'm panicking and idk what to do please help meeee!!!

Just get is fixed and face consequences! Better to have a fixed laptop and apologise then to have a broken one and lie to your mum! -Paige