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where are your dirty talk fics?
I'm looking for something I read a long time ago but I think it was like a pet play and it's weird but it was all of the boys and they kidnapped Niall and then in the end Niall got fucked by a dog? I was wondering if you still have it because I can't find it

Judging by summary, I think you might be looking for this one? - Kaylee

screams from the cabin (they’re coming) - cahaya (zianourry)

louis is an unfortunate teacher who gets gangraped by his four students (and niall’s dog). (non!con, rimming, bottom!louis, bestiality, double!penetration) 

The Vine that the other anon was talking about has been deleted. Harry wasn't yelling at a fan. This girl was following and stalking Harry for nine hours and when he stopped his car to tell her to stop following her, you get a snippet of Harry (you can't hear what he's saying) and then after the girl is like "I just got into a fight with Harry Styles". That's all the vine was. Supposedly Harry raised his voice to her because she couldn't catch a hint that she should stop and kept harassing him

Amazing. People are so ridiculous! I’m assuming he got into shit for this as well? - Kaylee

I really like the alpha and omega dynamics. Can you give me a list of them or a tag?
May i ask for your help? Have you seen the vine where Harry yells at a fan? Everyone is talking about it, but i cant find it anywhere :/

Not too sure what you’re talking about, unless it’s from 1DDay and that was a joke! - Kaylee



Hello lovely administrators, I was looking for a niam fic where Niall pretends to be a girl (Nina) and essentially catfishes liam, highschool!au forgot the name of the fic, but would love to give it another read, thanks a ton. x

This one?

Falling for a lie - imsorryimlate (Liam/Niall)

Niall chat with boys over the internet, pretending to be a girl. With a fake name, Niall keep in touch with Liam, a bloke from his school, but Liam thinks he’s talking to a girl from another country. Liam is slowly, but surely, falling for the girl. (chat!fic, highschool!au, au)

- Morn

any new kidfics? Zianourry or any pairing :) x

One day like this - badjujuboo (Harry/Liam)

the one where Liam takes on the biggest responsibility of his life, and a fruit eating best mate might just be the best addition to this ride. Future!fic, as canon as that can be. (kid!fic)

Better than Words - Romancemesomeziam (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn and Liam wake up with their little boy and enjoy their time off as a family.


Zayn and Liam being parents, but finding time to be lovers. (kid!fic, domestic!au)

Untitled P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 - missing-headache (Harry/Niall)

Niall is a popstar and needs someone to take care of his kid while he’s busy recording new music during the days. Harry’s just lost his job at the kindergarten he’s been working at for the past six months. Somehow, things work out. (oblivious!trope, kid!fic, frottage)

Becoming one - alnima (Liam/Louis)

Liam lives a quiet life with his son, Zayn. Louis lives a vibrant life with his two sons, Harry and Niall.

It’s not easy being a single parent. And it’s even harder being a single parent dating another single parent. (kid!fic, chaptered, WIP)

- Morn

top niall in niam?

The Teacher’s Lounge - twistedartist (ao3) (zianourry)

There’s nothing that Liam hates more than school. He hates getting up in the morning to go to school, eating the shitty garbage that they call breakfast and lunch and it is bad enough that he gets bullied by some students posing as jocks. The only things he look forward to is seeing his teachers. ALL of his teachers. (highschool!au, under!age, student!teacher, teacher!louis, teacher!niall, teacher!zayn, teacher!harry, student!liam, daddy!kink, dirty!talk, blow!job, cum!play, dom!zayn, bottom!liam, top!zayn, fingering, virgin!liam, top!harry, top!louis, top!niall)

Twisted - Colordrained (Liam/Niall)

Niall has a serious problem, and Liam is the person who takes and turns it around. Who knew it would ever turn Into something else.

Or the one where Niall is a sex addict an Liam helps him recover, and then they just might fall in love oh 

The Plan (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6) - hugsziall (Liam/Niall)

Niall loves his boyfriend Liam to death, really, but he can’t help but find that their sex- life is a bit… Boring. So he wants to spice it up a bit. He doesn’t know how to tell Liam though, so he’s glad that one of his best friends, Louis, wants to help in that case, by making a plan for the week. Poor Liam doesn’t know that, and it should stay that way.

The Auction -1dfanficrealness (Liam/Niall)

Niall buys Liam as a sex slave but he falls for him and they end up having sweet, loving sex. 

- Morn

best toy fics? like where they have to where a toy for a long time?

Paint My Feelings On The Ceiling - shipfiction (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn feels like he should be more uncomfortable with the idea of keeping a butt plug inside of him all day, but he isn’t. (toys, wall!sex, public!sex, cum!play, bottom!zayn)

A very sore loser - auntie spice (Liam/Zayn)

The bet is simple: loser has to submit to anything the winner decides.

Liam loses, and after having to spend the entire day with a vibrator inside his bum, vows to never make bets again.

Twitcam surprise - paytontanner (Niall/Zayn)

 Niall likes to have fun. And secretly giving Zayn a blow job while he is doing a twitcam sounds like a lot of fun. But the thing about having fun is that sometimes it comes with consequences that you don’t think about while you’re “living in the moment”. (light bdsm, but plugs, slapping, toys, orgasm!denial)

Not The Time For Romance - cantgetnoworse + subtlerefuge (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

"What has got into you?" Niall asked with an elbow to his ribs and Louis puffed out a wistful if you only knew, mate.

or, the one time Louis wears a butt plug and filthy sex ensues.

Fuck Me Hard - steptowardsthelight (zianourry)

Niall horan is a slut. A fucking horny slut. He loves the feeling of cock in his ass so much he wears a vibrator all day, sleeps with a butt plug in and is constantly wanking to the thought of having someone fucking him hard. 

The VMAS Night - askzianourry (zianourry)

Zayn loses a bet and has to have a vibrator in his ass. (toys)

- Morn

Is there any narry where they switch "positions" like niall is first submissive than dominant and Harry vice versa?

Not that I’ve found.  - Morn

Anything where one of the boys gets off just by fingering?

We have a fingering tag, here you go - http://smuttydirection.tumblr.com/tagged/fingering

- Morn

Hiya, can you give me the links to all the narry ( daddy!kink, suggar daddy, incest and teacher/student) with dom!harry pls ?? xx

Have a look at the dom!harry tag there are a lot of Narry fics there - http://smuttydirection.tumblr.com/tagged/dom!harry

- Morn

Can I have a list of teacherXstudent. Ziam, narry, or any pairing with Louis. (Not Larry of course, I know your rule lol)

Ziam -

Extra Credit - 5sexualhomos (Liam/Zayn)

Liam is somehow failing English and Mr. Malik offers him extra credit. (spanking, student!teacher, dom!zayn, bottom!liam, top!zayn)

Comically - teamemma (ao3) (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn is a professor and also renown Comic book writer.  Liam is his nervous, bumbling student who needs this English class to graduate.

Detention Heaven - cumsziam (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn felt his tummy turn. It’s that boy. (teacher!zayn, student!teacher, masturbation, dom!liam, blow!job, fingering, bottom!zayn top!liam, public!sex)

Let Lips Do What Hands Do - erstwhiled (ao3) (Liam/Zayn)

You’re not supposed to fall in love with students, it’s unethical or something. (chaptered, student!teacher, teacher!zayn)

Mr. Malik - 1dfanficrealness (ot5)

The thing was that Mr. Malik, the English teacher, was the sexiest teacher on the staff at Crestview High. Probably the sexiest man in all of Bradford actually.

Narry -

Strip Tease - narrysangel (Harry/Niall)

Harry looked over his last period as they quizzed silently. He spotted on kid looking at the test next to him and almost called him out but the bell rang and he was to tired to care. (barebacking, teacher!harry, top!harry, bottom!niall)

Teaching Assistant - leprechauncupcakes (Harry/Niall)

It isn’t odd for Harry to be speaking to one of his three teaching assistants, even if this particular TA happens to be the one he’s fucking. (blowjob, bottom!niall, top!harry, student!teacher)

Please, Professor - sweetlikenarry (Harry/Niall)

Niall’s a seventeen year old student and, basically, he’s got a thing for his math professor. (student!teacher, teacher!harry, underage, sub!niall, bottom!niall, top!harry)

Featuring Louis -

Teach Me, Mr Tomlinson - perfecttailor (Niall/Louis)

Student!teacher fic where Niall is more dominant even though he’s the student. (student!teacher, teacher!louis, dom!niall, blow!job, bottom!louis, top!niall, hand!job)

Naughty Boy - steptowardsthelight (Niall/Louis)

Niall needs to be shown a thing or two by his teacher, Mr Tomlinson. (underage, student!teacher, teacher!louis, blow!job, fingering, bottom!niall, top!louis)

- Morn

Any Louis mpreg? thank you xx

I Don’t Want Easy, I Want Crazy - hilourry

Louis is an omega and Harry and Liam are his best friends who are both alphas. When Louis goes into heat, both alphas are there for him and knot him. They both bite him, bonding him and getting him pregnant. The three of them make it work. (bottom!louis, mpreg, double!penetration, crossdressing, dirty!talk, omega!louis, alpha!harry, alpha!liam, fluff)

Don’t Wait, Let’s Go, Go, Go - ampere (Louis/Niall)

Niall is working on some company’s website and Louis turns his chair around, tilts Niall’s chin back and makes Niall meet this eyes.

“We’ve been together a long while, haven’t we?” Louis asks.

Niall nods, thinks that he should panic because this sounds like a break up. His brain wracks itself over evidence, reasons why this would be happening, why after all these years, all the things they’ve accomplished together. Louis’ job at the local school, the nice house they could finally afford when Niall got a bonus at this job. Why would Louis want to leave him now, after they’ve done it all, settled in.

“Yeah, we have,” he says slowly, tries to look away but Louis drops down to Niall’s level, makes it impossible for Niall to avoid his gaze.

“Let’s get pregnant.”

or Niall, Louis, and succeeding. (slow!sex, creampie, barebacking, riding, mpreg, bottom!niall)

The bump that brought us together - IHaveNiamFeels (Liam/Louis)

Louis gets pregnant after he and Liam have a one night stand.

Naughty list - StepTowardsTheLight (Zayn/Louis)

Description: In which Louis is pregnant, cravings are a bitch and Zayns fallen completely head over heals for him. Christmas is coming up and both boys are getting excited about it, however Louis seems to have the wrong idea about Santa watching everything. Zayn doesn’t bother to correct him though.

We’re in this together - nickloveshiskitten (Nick/Louis)

Louis gets pregnant

- Morn