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i read this a while ago on ao3 and its young!louis and young!niall and older!harry and they were brothers/step brother and harry liked getting off to them playing with each other and filming it and then the parents found out and i dont remember the name or who wrote and im not sure what tags i'd find it under so yeh thank you

I can’t rec it properly cause I’m on my phone but here is a link to it on ao3


I made a smut blog! 

I’ll color this and add Harry’s tattoos later ^^

I've tried masturbating, it doesn't feel right, and it doesn't feel good to finger myself, is there something I'm doing wrong?

A lot of people with vaginas don’t actually receive pleasure from vaginal penetration I know I don’t. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. Try just clit stimulation and see how that works or try doing both. I rec com end having at least one finger inside you when you orgasm because he feels better (for me) then cumming empty. -Paige


Zayn and Niall try docking for the first time

What is docking and do u have any fics with it?

Docking is foreskin play. You press the heads of the penises together then pull the foreskin forward to cover both heads. I will re blog a gif from my look alike blog in a sec to show you. Also we have a docking tag


"How about you show me just much ya missed me, yeah?"

based on this here fic by one of my favourite narry authors ;D

"you lose your virginity when you have full penetrative sex" um no you dont what about lesbians? you lose your virginity when you have sex in general

I said that applies to the “concept of virginity” which is hetero normative and paints female sexuality as a prize to be obtained by men giving them power. I think whatever you think “sex” is is what applies to you. Some people think that blow jobs count as sex where as I do not but that doesn’t make me right but it also doesn’t make my opinion invalid. I had given blow jobs before I lost my virginity but some may say I had already lost it. So what I’m trying to say is that whatever you think counts as losing your virginity is what counts. -Paige


Sometimes Liam gets a little too loud so Louis has to keep him quiet

She deleted cause she got in a argument with someone over gay safe sex( says what was the point of wearing a condom if they didn't get pregnant) she ended up looking really really stupid, so she deleted

I hate that she felt like she was forced to delete her blog but lemme just put this out here… no matter your sexuality, the sex or gender of your partner if you are having sex and do not know each others sexual history or have proof of a clean std/sti check then please wear a condom. If you are both clean and consent and know the risks of going condomless then please go enjoy yourself with your partner. Please make sure everything is safe, consensual and fun! -Paige

is sex as good as they say it is? please tell me

It’s p good. I enjoy it but everyone’s experience is different. -Paige

ummm would i lose my virginity if i masturbated uhh please help

You don’t lose your virginity if you masturbate. the concept of virginity only applies if you have full penetrative intercourse. -Paige

any sugar daddy fics???
hiiii! does anyone know which fic it is where someone or all the boys bet Louis he can't get off in front of the other boys without them noticing and then he does it? I think they're all sitting watching a movie and he rubs on another boys leg (can't remember the ship) and gets off? Thanks so much!! Best!

Like There’s Nobody Watching - randominity (ao3)

“I dare you to do it,” Harry says, and Zayn scoffs. ”Are you serious?” he asks. ”Oh, here we go,” Liam says, half fond and half exasperated. Louis’ eyes are narrowed as well, and he bares his teeth at Harry. “Dare me to what?” ”I dare you,” Harry says, “to have a wank in the same room as all of us, where we can’t tell you’re doing it.” Or, the one where Louis can’t turn down a dare and too much information is had by all. But mostly Zayn. (masturbation, blow!job, voyeurism, drinking games)


Just marry me all of you! xoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo and whilst you get your vows ready, maybe link me to some of the best Louis' arse workshipping one shots? :* xoxo

Just like summertime - frostbite (Liam/Louis)

Louis doesn’t quite know why Liam picked to fall in love with him. But it wasn’t really a choice, after all.

Eyes For Striking - breathedeeply (ao3)

Liam is an ass man and loves when Louis rides him. (riding, rimming, bottom!louis, top!liam)

Not really butt worship but still good -

Fill you up with all my lovin’ - el_em_en_oh_pee (Liam/Louis)

Louis is feeling a little unattractively pregnant so Liam takes it upon himself to show Louis how gorgeous he really is. (dirty!talk, mpreg, mentions of watersports)

Doubtful Grain of Skeptical Salt - anonymousorly (Liam/Louis)

Liam is nervous during his first tattoo and discovers that his nails left bruises on Louis’ thighs, who has body insecurities. [1dkinkmeme prompt] (thigh worship, insecure!Louis)

Flawless - thilia (Greg/Louis)

Greg has a thing for Louis and his flawless body.


Hiii do you think you could link me to some smut with zayn getting absolutely wrecked or zayn being underage or something? Xx

You caused my heart to bleed, and you still owe me a reason - bigsweatersandcuddleweather (Zianourry, Liam/Zayn, Zayn!Centric)

Liam and Zayn are dating, and Liam doms the hell out of Zayn, causing him to fall into subspace, but right after they have sex and while Zayn is still in subspace, Liam has to go on a fake date with his beard. Zayn goes through subdrop while Liam is gone and feels insecure/unloved/dirty/sad and such, but he hides it from Liam because he doesn’t want to disappoint him. Maybe something where Liam calls Zayn a slut/whore/only good for sex during the scene and Zayn likes it then, but once he drops and Liam isn’t there for him he starts thinking that he really is only there for Liam to fuck and that if he bothers him about being down Liam might stop and he can’t lose that because he loves him so much he’ll take anything. This happens a lot before Liam finally walks in on Zayn crying and shaking and realizes that he needs aftercare. Cue lots of Liam cuddling Zayn and telling him how much he loves him and how good he was

Grave Mistakes - bigsweatersandcuddleweather (Zianourry)

"That wasn’t enough for you pet? Ready for round two?”

Won’t You Come And Dance With Me - Lucy

Zayn likes being manhandled. His band is very accommodating. (zayn!centric)

What A Mess I Made Upon Your Innocence -we_are_the_same (ao3)

Zayn being passed around.

Let’s Fuck Slut -flaminglou

The boys all fuck Zayn senseless.

Fuck Me Into The Center Of The Earth -zianourrysmut

Zayn just broke up with his girlfriend and is feeling a bit miserable. The boys help him out with some sexy times.

Worth it - louishatesnarry

They don’t know what Zayn expected, but, really, was it worth it? (Gangbang)

Anything That You Want - magenta (Zayn!centric)

Zayn’s mouth is all kinds of distracting, so all the boys decide to get distracted.

Like He Does - bookykat (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

"Yeah, well Pa certainly doesn’t hold back his ‘Fuck yes LiLi’s or his ‘Oh shit right there baby’s does he now?!” Daddy!Liam!Louis, Underage!Zayn

That’s What You Get for Waking up Younger Part 2 Part 3 - nostravario (zianourry)

What he’d told Niall the previous night, about wanting to be sixteen and innocent again and have Liam take him and just lose control with him, he’d meant it, but he hadn’t really considered it a possibility because people don’t just sleep with leprechauns and have insanely nice grandchildren who turn you sixteen when you wish for it.

- Morn