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Any thumbsucking fics x

Just these - Morn

Babying Liam Part 1 Part 2 - loudoodoll (Liam/Zayn, zianourry)

Liam comes out to the boys about his thing for infantilism. Babying then ensues. (innocent!liam, cock!rings, daddy!Kink, liam!centric, infantilism, age!play, top!louis, spanking)

That thing we do - larryhadalittlebeard (Liam/Zayn)

It’s been a stressful day being part of One Direction, so Liam and Zayn wind down with being daddy and baby. And they have sex. (Infantilism, age!play, age!regression, diapers, vibrators)

punk narry? pretty please? xx.

Leviticus 18:22 by Kelli Diane Horan and NiallJWhoranX

Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work.

Strawberry fields forever - keeponsmilingg (Harry/Niall)

Harry gets in trouble for drinking on school property and has to work at a strawberry farm for the weekend where he meets flowerchild Niall.

Something great - birdford (Harry/Niall)

As punishment doing something Niall can only get himself into, he has to stay after school and help set up for future production; however, Niall doesn’t take it to heart because he still gets to look at the over achieving pretty boy with flowers in his hair. (flowercrown!harry, punk!niall)

This Path Is Reckless - ZapZialler (Harry/Niall)

Niall Horan. Irish. Blond, not so tall with medium build. He has got piercings on his right eyebrow, ears, and his bottom lip. Let’s not forget the tattoos that cover his right arm from shoulder down. Some say that the tattoos and piercings are dead sexy, others say that the tattoos just brand him as a rebel without a cause. As fate would have it, Niall doesn’t give a damn about what people say. He has got that carefree attitude about him that a lot of girls and boys find hot.

Harry Styles. English. Brunet with ‘curls that get the girls’(and sometimes guys). Tall with medium build. He has got some tattoos but he isn’t like covered with them. He graduated with remarkable grades in A-levels and you could say that he has a bit of dorky side; but he is one of those dorks who are also sexy.

Mr. Bipolar - Liamfuckszayn (Harry/Niall)

"And he was different from the others he had two different identities,two different lives he lived.An uptight book worm with no humor what so ever.But at night he was a living monster,a devil.A die hard metal fan who lived off the edge of the train tracks.He liked to hang on the cliff by his thumbs.He loves he wind blowing through his thick curls.He had strange addiction,unusual attractions But all in all at the end of the day he was known as.Mr.Bipolar"Liam said.

It was a quiet day in the institution.The lads had just finished their meals at the food court.Today they heard a new patient was coming in and you wouldn’t believe who it was… (punk!harry, first time, daddy!kink, public!sex, blowjob)

- Morn

and the Zianourry dream one is there's no guarantee(that this will be easy) by foundfamilyvevo on ao3 (:

Oh ta! - Morn

There’s No Guarantee (That This Will Be Easy) - foundfamilyvevo (cluelesswolf) (Zianourry)

Zayn studies him for a long moment. Louis hopes he hasn’t guessed wrong, because he’s actually starting to like Zayn and now Zayn thinks he’s a nutter, probably.

"Yeah." It’s barely more than a whisper. "We’re having the same dream."

Or, Zayn and Louis are married, Liam is doing his best, Harry maintains some semblance of being okay, and Niall is what brings them all together.

Or, five boys all have the same dream. (highschool!au)

Any where niall begs to be fucked

Maybe these, kind of -

One Of Those Nights - trespresh (Zianourry)

It only makes sense that, when Niall loses himself in their performances, his bandmates and best friends will help him find his way back after the shows.

(Or, the one where the boys find out the best way to control Niall is through handcuffs, overstimulation, and just a little push.)

Open Door Policy - LouLa (Liam/Niall/Zayn)

Niall’s door is always open. Quite literally.

Detention - Tomlinsuckthis (Niall/Harry)

Narry detention smut - Niall is a cock slut

EnglishMajor!Zayn/FratBoy!Niall Part1 Part2 - pornyziallfeels (Niall/Zayn)

“Want you to fuck me Zayn.” Niall rasped out, still grinding away in his lap. (rimming, bottom!niall, top!zayn, fratboy!niall)

- Morn

the LIRRY one w/the phone scene is don't push it by niliam on ao3 (:

Thank you - for the anon that sent in an ask where they recalled a scene where Harry is mobbed and in the chaos texts liam to help him - Morn

Don’t Push It - niliam (Harry/Liam)

Harry hadn’t meant for Liam’s jeans to become so damn tight, and Liam definitely hadn’t meant to suggest that Harry be the one to fix it, but these things had happened. And now the two of them were suddenly facing a tension they’d never even known existed between them and no matter what they thought of they couldn’t find a solution to relieving it. And they were both far too stupid to back out now. (friends with benefits, hand!jobs, blow!jobs)

hi can you link me to the narry rec on narrycanmarry's tumblr page? its not working for me for some reason

Its not working for me either, perhaps try contacting them on their personal page. - Morn

I was on your page earlier and reading this Ziam high school au where they have hate sex a lot and it's like 6 parts or something like that and I can't find it and I'm sad lol

Hate That I Want You (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7) - loving-the-1d-boys (Liam/Zayn)

Liam and Zayn hate each other. (highschool!au, hate!sex, public!sex, dirty!talk, verbal!humiliation, bottom!zayn, top!liam, dirty!talk, cum!play, rough!sex, dom!liam, sub!zayn, hand!job, fingering, overstimulation, masturbation, spanking, cumshot, car!sex, jealous!liam, riding, non!con, blow!job)

- Morn

Is there any with two of the boys are having sex while the others watch

Basically any zianourry fic, but these are good - Morn

This feels like falling in love - jmcats (Liam/Zayn, with an OT5 feel)

They’re so quiet afterwards, stretched across the sheets, pulled apart from end to end.

But somewhere, in the middle of a typhoon of unsaid words and dazed looks, their fingertips brush across the divide.  They twist and twine around each other and Zayn can’t help the way he stares at Liam until he smiles.

He can’t quite focus with Liam looking so soft and drunk and fond. (bottom!liam, possessive!zayn, barebacking)

Pep talk turned into a pep rally - sarcasticfluentry (Zianourry)

"Wait a second,” Harry says slowly. The four of them turn to look at Harry, who seems to be working through a very difficult concept in his head.  “Why have we never had a foursome before?”

“Wait a second, I don’t appreciate being left out of this,” Niall pipes up. “If you’re all gonna be getting off together, I want in.”

…or, two orgies on the South American leg of the WWA tour, one Louis-centric and one Zayn-centric.

Think about all the places we could go - carissima (Liam!centric, Zianourry)

In which Louis thinks it’s funny to stamp the boys with Liam’s name, Niall likes having Liam’s name on his forehead, Harry’s jealous, Zayn just wants to spend time with Liam and Liam’s overwhelmed, really.

Won’t You Come And Dance With Me - Lucy (zianourry)

Zayn likes being manhandled. His band is very accommodating. (zayn!centric)

What A Mess I Made Upon Your Innocence -we_are_the_same (ao3)

Zayn being passed around.

Birthdays, anniversaries, football matches - zeldamonkey (Zianourry, Louis!centric)

Louis has been thinking about this for a while, and now that he’s got that pesky football match out of the way… (double!penetration, barebacking, bottom!louis)

Fevered - cyclogenesis (Niall/Zayn)

It’s getting hot in here. So. Take off all your clothes? 

Hii do you have any Prince AU's? :)
Prostate massage?
Good look alike tumblr accounts?

Paige has a really good lookalike account, you should check it out - http://1ddoppelbangers.tumblr.com/ 

- Morn

Did you know of any student teacher smuts. Preferably Ziam? Cheers

Comically - teamemma (ao3) (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn is a professor and also renown Comic book writer.  Liam is his nervous, bumbling student who needs this English class to graduate.

Detention Heaven - cumsziam (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn felt his tummy turn. It’s that boy. (teacher!zayn, student!teacher, masturbation, dom!liam, blow!job, fingering, bottom!zayn top!liam, public!sex)

Let Lips Do What Hands Do - erstwhiled (ao3) (Liam/Zayn)

You’re not supposed to fall in love with students, it’s unethical or something. (chaptered, student!teacher, teacher!zayn)

Extra Credit - 5sexualhomos (Liam/Zayn)

Liam is somehow failing English and Mr. Malik offers him extra credit. (spanking, student!teacher, dom!zayn, bottom!liam, top!zayn)

Teach me a lesson - strummingziall (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn hates maths. He hates it, but he loves it. He hates it, because not once has he had to divide and multiply and estimate and blah blah blah any fancy letters into any fancy numbers while getting milk. He loves it though, because of Liam Payne. Well, Professor Payne, but same thing, kind of. Liam’s lenient with him, helps him out and very kindly takes in Zayn’s late maths papers, but what he still refuses, even after nearly two years of Zayn’s attention, is well, just that. One day Zayn explodes and a lot of dick action happens after that. (teacher!liam, student!zayn, underage, rimming, frottage, blow!jobs)

The Teacher’s Lounge - legna (ao3) (zianourry)

There’s nothing that Liam hates more than school. He hates getting up in the morning to go to school, eating the shitty garbage that they call breakfast and lunch and it is bad enough that he gets bullied by some students posing as jocks. The only things he look forward to is seeing his teachers. ALL of his teachers. (highschool!au, under!age, student!teacher, teacher!louis, teacher!niall, teacher!zayn, teacher!harry, student!liam, daddy!kink, dirty!talk, blow!job, cum!play, dom!zayn, bottom!liam, top!zayn, fingering, virgin!liam, top!harry, top!louis, top!niall)

- Morn

Do you have zianourry?
strangest hot bottom Louis fits? (any pairing/s)

These are good - Morn

Hold Tight - softzayn (Louis/Zayn)

Zayn has a thing about controlling Louis’ food and drink intake, Louis ‘forgets’ to sit by him at a dinner and he gets punished.

Or the one where Zayn’s into watersports and Louis likes to be pinned down. (bdsm, toys, dom!zayn, sub!louis, pregnancy!kink, rough!sex, watersports)

Red Lace - 1dfanficrealness (Liam/Louis)

Liam is 25 years old and has moved to Doncaster where his next door neighbor is 15 year old Louis. Liam has a kink for men who wear women lingerie and Louis has a kink for wearing lingerie. So Liam peeps while Louis is wearing showing off his lingerie and wanks off. Louis takes notice in Liam enjoying the show and decides to give him a little private show in a more intimate setting. (under!age, cross!dressing, voyeurism, fingering, riding, bottom!louis, top!liam)

Daddy Direction - shipfiction (Liam/Louis)

Liam loves Louis’s big butt (daddy!kink, dirty!talk, masturbation, fingering, bottom!louis, top!liam).

Three Day Getaway - smuttythings (zianourry)

Set during the UAN tour era. The boys need a break from the insanity of their lives and rent a cabin for the weekend. There, Louis agrees to let the others have him any way they want. (gangbang, barebacking, double penetration, humiliation!kink, dub!con, bondage, watersports, non!con)

Birthdays, anniversaries, football matches - zeldamonkey (Zianourry, Louis!centric)

Louis has been thinking about this for a while, and now that he’s got that pesky football match out of the way… (double!penetration, barebacking, bottom!louis)

17 Days - lazanalirry (Louis/Niall)

Do I tease you? Do I push your limits? Do I tie you up all pretty and nice or do I just fuck you and get it over with?”  (BDSM, whipping, bondage, dom!niall, sub!louis, bottom!louis, top!niall, blow!job, nipple!play, fingering, spanking, hand!job)

Slave!Louis - felicitygoodall1d (Louis/Niall)

Louis is Niall’s slave for the night. (slave!louis, cross!dressing, masturbation, blow!job, whipping, dom!niall, sub!louis, fingering, bottom!louis, top!niall)

- Morn

what ever happened to the 'smuttydirection don't do larry' gif?:)

It’s around, we pull it out when we need too. - Morn