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Girls I need so major advice ugh. Please xox. So every time my best friends spends the night at my house (or I at hers) we kiss; she kisses me, I kiss her, etc. etc. She swears she's straight… I love her to death and more than anyone will possible ever know but idk what's going on. I'm so confused. She's sending me mixed signals and idk what to 😔

TALK TO HER!!! Ask her about it had a discussion COMMUNICATE!! There is no better way of getting answers!! -Paige

lol okay so this is kinda embarrassing but w.e. im nineteen and i can only get off, come, masturbate, etcetera on my stomach. it's the amount of pressure that's stimulating. and ive tried on my back, i really did but nope. plus ive never fingered myself. so my boyfriend and i are planning on having sex this friday on his nineteenth birthday but im afraid ill have to fake an orgasm? it seems silly, yes, but i heard that girls rarely have orgasms w their partners and i just need advice. -k. k.

Never fake an orgasm! Make him make you cum or do it yourself. Have him eat you out or finger you or rub you off while you lay on your tummy, you can even have sex that way! Just explain to him what you told us and if he is a good guy he’ll understand!! -Paige

got any baby fics where one of them is treated like a baby any paring will do
Dominating Niall stories

Like niall being the dominant one or him being dominated???? -Paige

do you girls have an opinion on when a girl should have sex? or is old enough for sex? it'd be nice if you all could answer. -e. l.

I think just for like emotional maturity and legality one should wait til they are 16 but it is different from person to person whenever you feel ready to have sex like really mentally, emotionally, physically ready not just a yeah I can totes do this thing! -Paige

Hi! Any matty healy and harry? Xx
can i have some first time bottom liam?

First Time - i-just-wanna-write-sometimes

It’s Liam’s first time and Zayn makes it really special for him (virgin!liam, hand!job, blow!job, fingering, bottom!liam, top!zayn)

But He’s Never Done This Before - justthewaysheis1d 

Zayn and Liam’s first time together. (virgin!liam, virgin!zayn, fingering, premature!ejaculation, bottom!zayn, top!liam)

- Kaylee

Hey girls! So I really wanted to get this story which was about Harry and fucking anything with an ass. Boy or girl. He fucks his sister and mom. That would be really awesome! Thank you!


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